10 Online Bookstores in Nigeria.

As a Nigerian reader, you can attest to the fact that it is a herculean task to locate bookstores that are loaded with popular fiction and the sort of books this generation has come to love.

Be honest, Nigeria is not a country of voracious readers. If it is not your local CSS bookshop, then you would have to stick with books that are not to your liking. Sometimes, you might find the books you like but since it is a rarity, the bookstore owners pump up the prices.

In this article, I will be listing twenty{20} verified stores where you can get price-friendly books of different genres. Some of these stores have walk-in outlets while some are mainly online. Read and share to others so you can read your favourite books together!

1. The 1K Bookstore:

This might just be the most popular online store for books. Just as the name implies, the books are extremely price friendly as they fall within the N1000-N1999 bracket. .A ridiculous price for the books they offer, if you ask me! They offer nationwide delivery and give you the option of stockpiling. Stockpiling is more convenient when your delivery address is far so they can send it as a bundle.

You can place orders by sending them a DM on Instagram or sending a message to their WhatsApp. Get Reading!

2. Rovingheights Books

With more than 40,000 followers on Instagram and more than 60,000 across their other social media accounts, Rovingheights is a giant in the booksellers industry. They have a walk-in store and also offer nationwide delivery and they stock books from different genres and host a Book club that meets occasionally with the very best authors. They offer books that would fit very nicely into your budget and you could get a whole lot without having to break the bank !Make sure to check them out!

3. Diamond Book Hub

 It describes itself as a “home for neat preloved books” and lives up to it. This store sells only preloved books that are still in perfect condition. So much so they could be mistaken for new books. They sell books across the different genres for all type of readers and offer nationwide delivery. From time to time, they organize discount sales bonanzas and also give the option for stockpiling. They are specialized in building dream giftboxes for readers which is- you guessed it- a collection of the best related books.


Book Peddle Ng is an OG online bookseller. This means it has been in existence for quite sometime. They sell new books of different genres and offer nationwide delivery and Poetry by the most renowned poets and educational books as well. They also have in stock notepads, reading accessories and have an option for budding authors looking to sell their books.


SpineAndLabel is another wonderful bookseller that knows what is happening. They have an excellent collection of fiction and non-fiction as well as religious texts. Send them a message now to make your shelf/bookcase look more beautiful.


PAGEBOOKSTORE is a wonderful store for readers looking to amp up their reading of African books. They have the most splendid collection of African voices[Poetry and Prose] and an even more splendid collection of classical books and romance titles. Send them a message on any of the mediums listed below and be amazed as you spend more than you planned[ I am just joking…not]. They offer in-store services as well as nationwide delivery.


BOOKSELLERS NG has a wide selection of books for children. Hop in and buy something very beautiful so your child/ward develops the reading culture. The adults are not left behind though. They also have an incredible collection of books from different genres sure to appeal to both Young Adults and Adults.


BOOK NOOK LTD is the best plug for your non-fiction novels. They have an impressive stack and the books are at very affordable prices. They also have a remarkable collection of classics. Shop at your convenience as they also do nationwide delivery.


MIRA’S BOOKSHELF is another credible plug for the best fiction books. They are the sure source of the best fiction novels and Sci-Fi novels as well. They offer bundle discounts and stockpiling option is available. Nationwide delivery is the cream to their already perfect services. They restock every month so be sure to follow and grab yours when it arrives!


BOOK ERRANDS gives perfection a close hug and leaves its indelible mark. This is a bookstore I am {secretly} partial to because it is a medley of different genres. They have beautiful titles from all genres and have books that appeal to every class of readers in the community. They sell both new and preloved books and full display their ware every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon sharp. You can also put in special requests for your choice titles.

Don’t think I mentioned all? Feel free to drop a comment! Buy books and avoid pirated copies from illegal websites. Let the people that have brought you so much happiness also have a room above their heads!


Hello! My name is Preye and I am a 2nd-year law student at the University of Porthacourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. I love writing, reading and Korean dramas. When I am doing neither of these things, I can be found manifesting my inner Tina Snow on the dance floor.

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