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Book Review: The Hole

What happens when you lose your wife, legs, and occupation to an accident? you rely on your family. But then, what if your family isn’t all they make themselves out to be?

Book Review: Consent

Consent is a hauntingly brilliant memoir that explores the invalidity of non-consensual relationships. From birth till the present, a map is drawn that breathes life to every bus stop on her journey to ownership of her body.

Book Review: Xala

Xala chronicles a man’s search for a cure to his temporary impotency while revealing the workings of the economic and social system of Senegal. 4/5 Stars with 1 star deducted for the less than satisfactory ending.

Blog Update: 11/09/2021

A little update of things to come on the blog! This is the very first of this series where I give a summarized documentation of everything we would be doing here! Read, critique, and give feedback!

Book Review: The Dare

How far would you go to win a bet? Not as far as these two, I assure you. When a kink-master meets a willing submissive, the party gets even more interesting. Check Trigger Warnings!

Book Review: Rafe

A buff nanny to the rescue! Sloan and Rafe make chemistry look like correct Nigerian Jollof. Sweet, spicy, and hot! My face isn’t flaming, yours are! Warning: You might fall in love with this family

Book Review: Tripping on a Halo

Tripping on a Halo is a sickeningly-sweet romance novel that’s sure to leave you grasping for more. Real chemistry, real swooning, and a pant-melting smile that would knock you off your feet!