Book Review: Tripping on a Halo

Title: Tripping on a Halo
Author: Alessandra Torre
Pages: 267
Rating: 4½ of 5

In a word- Captivating
I will tell you my reason for this assertion.

Plot: Autumn Jones is a Grade-A stalker. I mean “going-through-trash” level. She follows Declan Moss around the city trying to prevent him from dying. She labors under the belief that her infrequent migraines are instincts prodding her to prevent Declan’s imminent demise.

Basically. she has stalked him for more than 5 months, and he knows.

He notices his creepy blonde stalker at the Cafe in his neighborhood, at his workplace, in restaurants, pretty much everywhere he frequents.

At first, he thought she had a little crush- nothing time wouldn’t take care of. But, 8 months later and she was still at it. So, he starts running- making Autumn’s job even worse because now she has to follow him around maniacally so he doesn’t die.

This might just be the sweetest romance novel I have ever read. The conversations between the characters, the adorable quirkiness of our FMC, and, the evidently blooming sexual tension between the FMC and the MMC. Heat!!

One minute I was laughing, the next I was about to fall off my bed because of how tense I was and, lest I forget, the goosebumps I got whenever Autumn and Declan were in the same room. Pure Electricity. Truly Captivating

The ending, although a HEA, fell shorter than it had the potential to be. It felt rushed in comparison to the book which had up until then been fully fleshed out. Fifty pages to the finish line and the author seemed to be in a rush to round it up.

For this partially unsatisfactory ending, I deducted half a star from my total rating. Alessandra Torre’s is an excellent novelist(judging from this book) and I have gradually tipped two of her novels upwards in my September TBR pile.

Would I read this again? Probably.
How likely am I to recommend this to someone? I will say 10/10 if I am convinced it is their speed.


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