Book Review: The Sweetest Oblivion

Title: The Sweetest Oblivion
Author: Danielle Lori
Series: Made by Danielle Lori
TW: Fires
Rating: 4/5

My recent reads have been quite steamy, complete with brooding males and dazzling female leads. Romance, as a genre, is very comforting and the guaranteed HEA might just be a permanent cure for anxiety. *cough cough*

Anyway, yesterday I finally rounded up the first book in the #Made series by Danielle Lori titled The Sweetest Oblivion and I loved every page of it!

This is a mafia romance novel and get this our FMC is the favourite daughter of another Mafia leader.

Elena, the FMC, was not originally betrothed to Nicolas(or Nico, as he stubbornly insists), rather her sister was. In a strange twist of events, she finds herself in his house, on his counter, with his fingers buried in her (whoosh). They fell in love, got married, blah blah blah- you know the drill.

I will be honest, there is nothing terribly extraordinary about this book. It pretty much follows the template of every other mafia romance novel. The teeny weeny distinguishing factor though was the undeniable attraction between the FMC and the MMC. They kept dancing around their mutual attraction and when they finally gave into it, combustion. I WAS IN FLAMES!

The MMC was unnecessarily domineering and controlling. Even in the brother-in-law capacity he already asserted a type of manipulative influence over her. I also did not care for the intermittent violent outbursts and the callous murders. Luckily, the author did not give much details about the gory incidents.

I also hate the “likes-her-so-he-is-mean-to-her” trope and it was overplayed in this book. Properly executed, but so outdated and annoying. Then again, this is Mafia Romance as a sub-genre and it does not get any better than this. I mean, in this book the FMC pushed her into a swimming pool because she was talking to another guy. I can understand jealousy, but intentionally embarrassing her in front of her family and friends. Urgh!

All in all, it was a good book but “good” is subjective innit?


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