Blog Update: 11/09/2021

I know what you are thinking. NO, I have not decided to shut this blog down and retire permanently to Instagram. As alluring as that sounds, I don’t think I would ever do that. I have found myself unusually enthusiastic and inspired and have decided to write while it lasts. Fulfillment of these ideas would mean subtle changes to the blog so watch out.

There is every possibility that my plans might end up in the bin, but putting them here makes me answerable. This means that when I do decide to dump it, there is the added burden of giving reasons. I am very hopeful this added step would be a much-needed nudge.

The difference this time is that my goals are not time-stamped. I have decided that my plans should be something I grow into rather than having a deadline. This means updates would come in bits. My enthusiasm is pretty sporadic so I have to be on the move once it strikes.

Firstly, I started this blog last November but did not start actively posting until this year(I think). I admit that when I started this blog, it was to be strictly for posting shit related to my education.

Then, I said “fuck-it;” life’s too short(and the domain too expensive) to not write whatever I feel like writing. I mean, what’s life without Kdramas that wreak havoc on my peace of mind; books that have the power to transport you to another body in another time at another place; or yogurt which is perfection in and of itself.

I started with case reviews (which were transported from my other blog); a few articles; song reviews; and right now my blog is a medley of my divergent interests. Bliss.

“Commentaries and Discussions by an exasperated law student” was my original bio on the blog’s Twitter handle and it perfectly captures the experience. . I am thinking of changing it back but I am also in love with these words because they depict my initial dream for the website.

I started a Bookstagram account last month to connect with other readers and I have gained so many followers. It is almost unbelievable. This informs me of the importance of carving a niche in whatever you do; which makes me sad because I have not built on any of my interests in that way.

I thought about starting another blog for early-morning musings such as this post (a free WordPress blog, obviously) and another one for book reviews; but I concede that it’s highly impractical and on what earth would I be able to dedicate time to grow these accounts? Not happening, unfortunately.

So, I opened a Goodreads account; integrated it into my Linktree; and I have gotten a significant number of friends on that platform in just a matter of days. A niche blog won’t be possible and if you came here hoping that I deliver wonderful legal insights daily, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Most days, all I write about is how I haven’t taken my bath in days.

My goal was always to bring the law down from its pedestal and translate it to the language of the common man. Convoluted sentences; reprehensible use of legalese; inaccessibility of legal information; and the obstinance of the “gatekeepers” of the profession have made law almost untouchable and created a gap in legal knowledge; consequently, people are very much ignorant of the law.

Secondly, I have been thinking of adding a new section to the website. It is going to be a listicle (or a good old article) of interesting things I heard, watched, and/or listened to during the week. Just me giving a breakdown of my week and it would be posted every Saturday evening. There would be links, of course, so you guys can look at it and we geek out together.

I already started gathering material (the law student in my jumps out intermittently) for these posts and I assure you it’s going to be very interesting. If you have been with me from the beginning, you are probably losing interest slowly because I have veered so off-course it’s laughable, but just hang around a bit. We could make magic.

Lastly, I have pondered on the necessity of bringing more writers on board. I even made Facebook Ads and received not less than 20 people. Of course, I made it clear that there are zero incentives and payment would not be possible, but they readily agreed.

From next week, you will probably see new writing and prose you are sure I could never have come up with. I have very talented people on my team so get your minds ready. I remain the Founder and Editor-in-chief but in time other members of the team will take on more duties. This is an exciting phase for me and the blog, and I cannot wait to see what comes next!


Hello! My name is Preye and I am a 2nd-year law student at the University of Porthacourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. I love writing, reading and Korean dramas. When I am doing neither of these things, I can be found manifesting my inner Tina Snow on the dance floor.

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