Book Review: Talon

Title: Talon
Author: Carian Cole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Scribd
Rating: 3/5

I listened to the audiobook on Scribd and I cannot boast that it was an enviable experience. The male voice actor’s female impressions were so off-mark and irritating to listen to. I had to cringe every time the characters conversed and he had to depict a female character’s voice.

Moving on, I found Talon very annoying. He constantly annoyed Asia(the female main character) and was too careless when it came to her. He was petulant, inconsiderate and so overbearing it was painful to read. Asia is not without faults too. She was self-centred, indolent, and impatient. She was ready to shove Talon into everything but was apparently unfamiliar with the concept of compromise.

They misunderstood each other at every turn and a stronger person would have stopped reading. The i-don’t-care attitude of the titular character got old fast and I was just annoyed at the way he chose to handle his life affairs.

The premise was that both of them were desperately in search of a happily-ever-after and signed up for this program where they would eventually be matched up with “the one”. From the on-set, Asia was bitchy and Talon condescending because they were under the impression that they had been bamboozled by the people that talked them into joining the experiment.

Now, you would expect that these individuals that are on a mission to find love would at least make an effort to be amicable with each other and at least find common ground. That was not the case. Honestly, the only vile thing they did not do was pour spittle on each other. It was a real headache having to keep up with the incessant fights, slurs, and toxic disagreements.

I have read every other book in the series but avoided this one because the rating was low- and with good reason. This series was a real bumper ride and I am very glad I am finally done with it. This rockstar family had me falling in love, crying and developing my mind scenarios all at once. I loved it!

Honestly, I cannot recommend this book with a clear mind because I did not like it. I can only recommend books I enjoyed that I feel others would enjoy. Nevertheless, read this if you like rockstar romance series or tatted-up biker dudes falling blissfully in love.


Hello! My name is Preye and I am a 2nd-year law student at the University of Porthacourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. I love writing, reading and Korean dramas. When I am doing neither of these things, I can be found manifesting my inner Tina Snow on the dance floor.

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