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Book Review: Rafe

A buff nanny to the rescue! Sloan and Rafe make chemistry look like correct Nigerian Jollof. Sweet, spicy, and hot! My face isn’t flaming, yours are! Warning: You might fall in love with this family

Book Review: Tripping on a Halo

Tripping on a Halo is a sickeningly-sweet romance novel that’s sure to leave you grasping for more. Real chemistry, real swooning, and a pant-melting smile that would knock you off your feet!

Book Review: A Woman is No Man

A Woman is No Man is an excellent work of literature written impeccably and all at once a soothing balm and a harsh chastising, Like a moth to its flames, I have devoured this book with no regrets.

The Girl

I was 7 when my dad first sat me down, and told me about that family. Back then, it seemed he was just being mean …