We want you!

Not your life, silly.

We have several openings on our team.

  1. Writers
  2. Editors

We are a growing publication of law students and cannot afford salaried positions so these positions are unpaid and would count as volunteer work. CV or a resume is not a requirement for hiring, although it is an added bonus.

We are interested in fiction writers, poets, and non-fiction writers. Book reviews and recommendations are also welcome. To qualify, your work should be properly edited before submission(although it would still pass through our editors) and in the proper format. Submissions should not have been previously published, unless permission has been sought from the previous publishers.

Scholarly articles from any discipline related to Law are also welcome. For scholarly articles, it should be properly researched(and citations properly listed); and arguments or postulations should be feasible and grounded in research. Commentary on social issues is also welcome as we welcome writers from every discipline.

As an editor, you will join our masterful team of editors in proofreading articles by our writing and learning colleagues. You will have the opportunity to develop skills alongside other students.

Perks Of Joining Our Team

  1. The most fun and cooperative working environment
  2. Recognition for your contributions to the team
  3. Work experience to put you ahead in the job market
  4. Community of eager learners and educators


  1. Ready to learn
  2. That’s you! You Qualify!

Do you think this is the place for you but you still have some questions? Click here to ask the head-of-admin for more information.

Don’t have questions? Send an email to therookiejurist@gmail.com and start the process

  1. Send therookiejurist@gmail.com an email and put “APPLICATION FOR ROLE OF*PUT POSITION HERE*” in the “Title” box
  2. Attach an essay(PDF, DOC, EPUB) of not less than 500 words on why you are interested in the position you are applying for.
  3. Send a message to this number on WhatsApp with:
    • APPLICATION FOR *PUT POSITION HERE*” as the introduction
    • Your name
    • Attach an essay(PDF, DOC, EPUB) of not less than 500 words on why you are interested in the position you are applying for.

Above all, our mission is building the biggest community of student writers and learners. If you are not interested in any of the open spots, you can do us a favor by subscribing and following our updates.

Remember, your idea is an idea and we love it already!


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