I have been privileged to work with many people over the course of my career, and I try my best to dedicate 100% of my effort and talent to the authors I work with. Below are testimonials from authors I have worked with in the past.

Excellent Beta Reader

Preye is a thoughtful, considerate, and honest beta reader. It’s always hard to send your work out into the world but Preye made the process easy. She worked within the budget and timeline we needed and even delivered before the deadline.

The only thing I think could be improved is more positive feedback weaved in with the constructive feedback rather than saving the positive for the overall thoughts portion of the feedback review I received. I will definitely work with Preye again.

Rebecca Fazzio

Perceptive, Thoughtful Editor

When Preye read and annotated my work, I could see she was perceptive yet thoughtful in her comments. Her responses to my first two chapters were very helpful, and I felt lucky to have had her input. I’d definitely recommend her.

Jane Dalton

10/10 Recommend

Preye reached out to me through Goodreads for a few short stories I’ve been working on. Her feedback really highlighted the underlying issues I hadn’t thought to address. I also appreciate her line-by-line critiques of the actual manuscript. She offered a great balance between plot and prose revisions, and I can’t wait to implement them. If you’re looking for an editor / thorough beta reader, she’s definitely a great option.

Katie Nelson

Helpful Reader!

Preye was an extremely reliable and helpful beta. Her template for feedback was extensive and discussed all aspects of my novel. Her turnaround time was also great along with the occasional updates on how she was doing. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for or honest and intelligent feedback on their work.

Simran Kaur

Beta-reading for Freezing Reign

I was impressed with the amount of detail I received back from Preye. So much good feedback for my investment! Her comments are blunt so be ready for that. She told me several times that she didn’t like my main character, didn’t understand her motivation, didn’t understand her emotions, etc. I’m using this info to beef-up my character. Like a report from any beta reader, authors must use what they need to strengthen their story and disregard the rest. Some sections that Preye didn’t like were enjoyed by my other beta readers.

L.A. Goff

Nice Feedback!

It was very helpful having Preye critique my book and come back with an in depth response, showing me the weak points in my draft and what I could work on. She did an amazing job and I would recommend.


Helpful, thoughtful, and timely beta reading

Simply put, Preye was fantastic. Her attention to detail is great. She provided timely and thoughtful feedback on my manuscript.

Zach Rattner

Professional and honest reader

Professional and honest. Great job with my beta read! Preye offered suggestions and feedback that was useful and tactful. Her through follow up document summarized her findings, suggestions and overall critique. The communication was clear and timely. I would definitely recommend.

Trinity Slain

Exceptional Beta Reader

Preye offered a lot of insight as a professional beta reader. She is very intelligent and understood the direction of my book without me having to spell it out. She goes above and beyond with her analysis by providing annotations on the manuscript, as well as generating a detailed report. Her feedback is comprehensive and she provides clarity when needed. I highly recommend her services if you want to improve your manuscript.

Byron Hare

Beyond Pleased

I contacted Preye through Facebook beta readers group to inquire about beta reading services for the recently completed first draft of my manuscript.

She responded promptly. Preye was extremely professional, and after discussing the terms, she emailed the contract to me. She met all of the deliverables as agreed, and her analysis was detailed and thorough. She provided a comprehensive report, completed questionnaire, and annotated notes.

Her feedback has been invaluable in helping me improve my novel. I am beyond pleased with the services, and plan to work with Preye again once I’ve implemented the changes and revisions she suggested.

Toby Easton


It was extremely a helpful and indept critique of my work. Definitely recommend.

Mell Conn

Helpful Feedback

The feedback I received was helpfully broken out chapter-by-chapter. It provided real time reader reaction which was helpful to suss out where I had inconsistencies or where I needed to add clarification. I have definitely used this feedback to improve my novel.

Allison K.

Informative Beta Read

This was like a mini editorial assessment. It gave me great reader reaction as well as showing me areas where my plot or character development was weak. Everything was delivered professionally and encouragingly, and was incredibly thorough. The Beta Read was well worth the money!

Maggie Maxfield

Very detail-oriented and thorough!

Very detail oriented and thorough! And always professional and responsive to work with. I really appreciate her work with my manuscript.

Genevieve Stoyak

Thorough, Professional, and Affordable

For my first time paying for a beta reader, I couldn’t ask for someone better than Ayebai-Preye Iwowari. She was exceptional. Her timeline was quick, the review prompt and thorough, and allowed me to follow-up. She spoke to me in length afterward, ensuring my complete satisfaction with her services. In fact, I truly can not express how pleased I was with her professionalism and thoroughness; I honestly feel I should’ve paid her more for the wonderful work she did. And I’m eager to seek her services again.

R. M. Johnson

So Pleased!

Ayebai-Preye, You have been truly remarkable with your feedback in the book document itself as well as the extra questions and report that you put together!!

I am beyond impressed with your ability to connect with the author, take in and process the new information and respond from your personal perspective. Your engagement with the information gave me validation and subsequently confidence.

As a first time writer, I was hesitant and unsure that my thoughts would come across clearly. Based on your feedback, it is clear that you did receive the information as I meant for it to be received.

Thank you a million times over for your help on this project! I feel very blessed to have found you first!!!

Staci Wright

An Amazing Beta Reader

If you’re looking for a Beta reader I highly recommend Preye. This is the third book in my series and she took the time to read the earlier ones to familiarize herself with the story arc and characters. She’s very thorough and pointed out issues in my MS that I wasn’t aware of. Her comments and suggestions were extremely helpful and if you have any questions concerning plot lines or characters she’s more than happy to answer them.

Pamela Pitts

Beta Reader For Vampire Story

Ayebai-preye Iwowari is a hard working and talented Beta reader. She can give you the best and most complete feedback you can imagine with her method. This is my second work with her and she has given me precious feedback on my story and it has helped me improve it a lot. Some of it was hard, but necessary. My story had some tough issues. And she has helped me become aware of things that I could not see before. Now I am more aware of them. That is the essence of good feedback and Beta work. She is one of my favorite Betas of all time, and I do recommend her to any new authors out there! Thank you once again!

Heitor Altemani


Working with Preye will bring your book to the next level! My book had already been edited several times, but her keen eye and quick mind helped make my characters more believable and my plot was tighter. Her feedback helped whip my book into shape for submissions. Thank you, Preye!

Susan L Davis

Beta reader for sci-fi novel

Ayebai-preye did an exceptional job of picking out exactly what my book needed to be improved, with detailed suggestions for plot changes and character improvements. I couldn’t have seen these things without her help.

Lyndsay Stanley

Insightful and Sensitive Reader

I was so pleased to have Ayebai-preye Iwowari read my developing memoir! She brought emotional and cultural insight into my manuscript that really opened my eyes to the potential for my book to touch an international market.

Annie B. Shapero

Helpful Beta Reader Feedback

Ayebai-preye did a beta read of my novella. The feedback was a mix of overall feedback as well as actionable suggestions linked to specific sentences and paragraphs. I recommend her for beta reading tasks.

Mark Plutowski

Beta Reader Services

I recently contracted with Ayebai-preye Iwowari to beta read a collection of short stories and a novella I have been working on and the quality of her work product was both highly professional and insightful. She delivered her work product on time and was communicative throughout the process. I couldn’t be happier with her work and will continue to use her services on future projects. Thank you Ayebai-preye. I appreciate the help.

Anthony G. Uriati

In-depth, thoughtful notes

Preye was a joy to work with. I felt as if she truly cared about the story. She gave wonderful, in-depth, thoughtful notes. I will absolutely return to her with my next drafts and new projects.

C. E. Simon

Beta-reading Feedback

Feedback was helpful in building a better and stronger manuscript. Ayebai pointed out many errors that I needed to work on that other beta readers had not pointed out. As a new writer I appreciate her honesty and feedback.

Jessica Morales

Great To Work With You

I would definitely work with Preye again and would recommend her to others. Her feedback was thoughtful and considered, showing me what worked and what didn’t work. It helped me come up with some ideas to strengthen my collection.

A. M. Vivian

Beta-reader for vampire hunter short story – 18K words

Ayebai-preye Iwowari is the real deal She makes awesome an understatement. She is highly professional, will deliver feedback with exteme detail, in sophisticated and organized manner, with reports and questionnaire like only 1% of professionals do. She is a top notch high level profesional for copywrite, beta, edit, analysis and more. Fast and furious. I cannot possibly recommend anyone else more than her if you want really incredible and rich feedback on any piece of fiction writing that you may have. It’s pure joy to have worked with her. She is one to dream for to be so lucky. Do work with her. You will be doing yourself and your book a huge favor! THE REAL DEAL!

Heitor Altemani

Hire This Woman!

Thorough is not adequate enough a word to describe Preye’s BETA read. In fact, I argue ‘preye’ should be added to the dictionary to define when something is equally professional, informative, and helpful beyond all reasonable expectations. I don’t care what you pay her, it will not be enough. Hire this woman.

R. M. Johnson

Quick and Thorough Beta-reading

Ayebai-preye is a fast and thoughtful beta reader. She provided insightful and thorough suggestions for my epic fantasy novelette, and had reasonable pricing for this small project. I loved how quickly she responded to my request, and how easy she was to work with using my preferred platform, Story Origin. Payment was also very simple, and I appreciate her use of a contract. Overall, she is very professional and provided excellent quality of work as a beta reader. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Burnett

Hire Preye!

I just finished editing my novel after receiving Preye’s feedback and can say her suggestions have UNDOUBTEDLY made the story better. Preye was extremely thorough and took her job of reading my manuscript seriously. I have no doubt she read every word with a keen eye. She was able to explain her reactions clearly and has a good knowledge of how characters and plots should be developed (and where they go wrong). She is professional and timely in her correspondence. I would hire her again and you should too!

Mira Word

If you are looking for a thoughtful, professional, and insightful Beta reader, I encourage you to seek Preye’s services. She offered me a great deal of important observations about my book that I could not have seen. And in sharing her critique she was thoughtful and offered helpful suggestions. She informed me upfront what she would be looking for in the manuscript, and delivered that and more. She was responsive to my questions and very timely in providing results. I know my book was greatly improved by her review insights, and I am grateful I found her. I highly recommend Preye’s Beta reading services to authors.

Gail McGuire

Very thorough beta reader

I was very pleased with the amount of feedback that Preye gave me on my cozy mystery. Her report and questionnaire were in-depth and will help me to improve my story. It’s important to get other opinions about your story before you publish it, and I’m glad I found Preye for this task.

Elizabeth McKenna


I couldn’t recommend her more! she provided great insight into my manuscript.

Sarah Jayne Ingham

Very helpful and productive interaction

I found Preye through Goodreads, and she did a beta reading for me. Her turnaround was very quick, and her comments were very helpful. I can’t say I liked many of them 🙂 but she gave much more than an average beta reader, who merely points out what she/he liked and disliked. It shows that she read the story word by word, paying attention to every detail and every phrase. In some sense, she also did a line editor’s work, highlighting cranky or cliched metaphors. If I could, I would have hired her as my developmental editor as well.

Darya Silman

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