Review: Kind Of Cursed by Stephanie Fournet

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Title: Kind of Cursed
Author: Stephanie Fournet
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Scribd
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/5


Every woman in Millie Delacroix’s family is cursed—kind of.

Birth control just doesn’t work for them. Like ever. Going to the altar knocked up is pretty much a family tradition. And twenty-four-year-old Millie refuses to let that happen to her—again.

Especially now that she’s responsible for raising her brothers and sister. A life of celibacy is her best defense—at least until the kids are grown and can take care of themselves. And, really, what’s ten years with no sex? No men. No sex. No love. It’s a fool-proof plan.

Until she meets Luc Valencia.

The Mexican-American contractor is just trying to do his best. Since his father handed him the reins to the family business, every day is a test to prove himself. At this point in his life, professionalism has to be his top priority.

At least until Millie becomes Luc’s client. Even with too much on her shoulders, the feisty redhead has the power to set him off, crack him up, or bring him to his knees.

All he has to do is resist falling for her through one kitchen remodel, and everything will be fine. Right?

This book is everything other reviewers have said: an easy, funny, and (mostly) cute read.  I listened to the audiobook and it lasted more than 12hrs, but I am convinced if I had read it(paperback or ebook) I would have breezed through it in record time.

That said, the overall romantic plot and the male protagonist’s well-timed swoon-worthy statements distracted me from the many annoying things about the book. I mean, you’re allowed to be hot and brown like warm chocolate (what other food is brown please because authors have this weird obsession with describing people’s complexion with food) but not stupid.

The first moronic thing he did was get annoyed at her because she kept her underwear somewhere and one of his workers saw it and made inappropriate remarks. He even suggested that she inadvertently invited that unwanted attention by drying her underwear in HER OWN DAMN HOUSE. Granted, he apologised and in the future terminated the employment of everyone that so much as leered at her, but that doesn’t cancel his bullshit.

Second thing he did that really marked him as selfish and inconsiderate in my book was not telling Millie that the condom broke while they were having sex. He was well aware of Millie’s fear of getting pregnant but so engrossed on his fantasies, that he only thought to mention it when he knew she would eventually find out. His buddy was the type of person that said “condoms are for pussies” just for jokes. Weird.

Lastly, did the author really have to make him say “Dios mio” after every sentence?  Finding out that the author is white really explained things. I’m bilingual and I know enough about code switching without having read a thesis about it and I expect that  an author would make an effort to research these small things before writing a book, but alas! 

As a matter of fact, Luc (Male protagonist) spoke more Spanish with Millie (female protagonist) and her all-white family than with his actual family that understood the language perfectly.  If I were opportuned to give the author my advice, she should have concentrated more on telling the story from the all-white woman’s point of view. Portraying his family, making him burst into Spanish every minute, and even going as far as  making Millie’s siblings watch “Coco” towards the ending looked desperate at best.

I will be honest, I enjoyed this book so much. Up until the 80% mark I believed that Luc would become one of my book boyfriends. But, his fuckups were too much to handle and I was just irritated by his character. 

That said, my rating is pretty generous for the amount of annoyances I had to ignore while reading. Up until the 80% mark, I thought this would be one for the books, but the author completely went off tangent and made the characters repulsive.


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