90+ Bookish Gifts To Send The Book Lovers In Your Life

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As a person who lives and breathes books, nothing makes my day more than a very thoughtful gift from someone who shows they cherish my existence and that they actually listen and are aware of my interests.

Gift-giving is one of the ways to show that you appreciate a person and that you would like to further whatever connection or relationship you have with them, and to make sure you get it right, you want to ensure it’s in tune with whatever they like.

Now, I know that when a lot of people find out that the person they would like to give a gift to is a reader, their mind automatically turns to giving them new books, but more often than not, a reader doesn’t actually want new books.

That is not to say they won’t appreciate the new books because they definitely will, but if you want to be creative and take it a step further, there are several other things you could give them to show how genuine you are. Readers will definitely buy the books they want to read over time, so if you want to be creative, you could do something else.

Why I advise against buying books for a reader is that, you probably want your gift to be a surprise, and there is the possibility that you might end up buying a book they will not enjoy. That is unless you have access to a wish list, in which case, knock yourself out.

But if you don’t, I personally think it’s safer for you to opt for other bookish items that your book lover would appreciate since it helps them continue nurturing their love of reading but it won’t make them feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, your gift has to be as personalized as possible, so make sure that you know about the person you are gifting. The purpose of a gift basically is to appreciate the person that is being gifted, and nothing is more discouraging than being given a gift that is clearly generic.

So below, I have now listed some of the best bookish gifts that you can give to any book lover in your life that aren’t books, but I know if I received them, I would be very grateful.

Stationery and Accessories

The fastest way to my heart as a lifetime book lover is any stationery that is even remotely bookish. There’s this very happy feeling that sweeps through my entire being whenever I spy a bookmark I received when I bought a lot of books online a couple of years ago, and I just know that if it were a gift from a person I cared about, I would cherish it all the more. 

Stationery and reading accessories are perfect gifts that I believe any reader would enjoy. Even if the person you would like to give a gift to is someone who uses the most random things as bookmarks, there are other options apart from bookmarks that you can give them as well.

1. A personalized book embosser for adding their name to their collection.

2. A set of high-quality bookmarks featuring famous quotes.

3. A literary-themed mug for enjoying hot beverages while reading.

4. A set of literary coasters featuring book cover art.

5. A personalized library stamp for marking their books.

6. A reading lamp.

7. A stationery set featuring notecards, envelopes, and stickers adorned with literary motifs.

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8. Bookshelf organizers with built-in shelves for displaying small trinkets or mini plants.

9. Novelty reading glasses in fun designs or patterns.

10. Puzzles featuring artwork from classic book covers or scenes from famous novels.

11. Perfumes or candles with scents reminiscent of old libraries or freshly printed books.

12. Customized phone cases with designs inspired by favourite novels or authors.

13. Jewelry pieces such as necklaces or earrings featuring book-related charms or symbols.

14. Desk organizers shaped like books or featuring literary motifs to keep their workspace tidy.

14. Literary-themed tote bags featuring designs based on classic novels or beloved authors.

15. Bookends with unique designs like ones shaped like bookshelves or literary figures.

16. Hand-poured candles with scents inspired by specific books or genres.

17. Literary-inspired journals or notebooks featuring famous book covers or literary quotes.

Cozy Comfort

For many of us who live in cold, dreary rented apartments, our only respite from the hustle and bustle of the world is coming back home to sink into whatever book we are currently reading. 

And what makes it all the better is that we can be surrounded by our favourite items while enjoying a book. I don’t know about others, but the aesthetic of wherever I’m reading actually matters a lot to me. 

If the person you are giving a gift to is also like me, then it might be worth it to invest in gifts that elevate their reading space. Trust me when I say that whenever they look at your gift, whenever they feel the comfort that your gift gives them, they will appreciate your presence in their life.

18. A literary-themed scarf or shawl for cozy reading sessions.

19. A bookish throw pillow to cozy up their reading nook or throw blankets featuring quotes or illustrations from beloved books. Or, you could opt for a cozy reading blanket with sleeves that are perfect for chilly nights spent with a book.

20. A book-themed blanket scarf for both warmth and style during outdoor reading sessions. Or, a plush reading pillow with armrests for comfortable reading sessions.

21. A cozy reading hammock or hanging chair for a unique and comfortable reading spot indoors or outdoors. Or a cosy reading chair or bean bag chair for the ultimate relaxation while diving into a good book

22. A set of literary-themed bath bombs or bath salts for a relaxing soak.

23. A bookish mug warmer to keep their beverage at the perfect temperature while reading.

24. A set of literary-inspired candles with scents evoking cozy bookshop or library atmospheres.

25. A bookish hot water bottle and knitted cover for soothing warmth during colder months.

26. A collection of gourmet chocolates or snacks to enjoy alongside their reading adventures.

27. A set of literary-inspired pajamas or loungewear for stylish and comfortable reading attire.

28. A set of literary-themed coasters featuring illustrations of famous authors.

29. A book-themed essential oil diffuser with calming scents to enhance their reading atmosphere.

30. A cozy robe for ultimate comfort while lounging and reading.

31. A hot water bottle with a book-themed cover for extra warmth and comfort. Or, a bookish tea or coffee sampler set for enjoying warm beverages while reading.

32. A collection of herbal teas with flavors tailored to enhance different reading moods.

Subscription Services

One of the downsides to being a lifelong book reader is that we could end up spending a lot of money on our hobby. Books aren’t cheap, and it feels like to read books and hopefully support the authors, you have to spend money.

I once received a 1-year subscription to Everrand, and I was so appreciative of this gesture because it showed that the person was aware of my interest, even though they didn’t want to be presumptive and get a book for me. That yearly subscription would help me read even hundreds of books.

Getting a subscription for anyone you would like to give a gift to is something that they would appreciate, and luckily, there are subscriptions for ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, comics, and even paperbacks. So make sure you try to know their preference before splurging on their gifts.

33. A subscription to a book-of-the-month club.

34. A subscription to a literary magazine or journal.

35. A subscription to a literary podcast or audiobook review series.

36. A subscription to a literary-themed subscription box.

DIY and Creativity

Not a lot of people are into DIY projects, but I personally think that it’s all about how fun you make the activity. I know that I would absolutely appreciate a gift that requires me to do some DIY or be creative if it is as bookish as possible.

Remember that this is just me; some people may not share the same enthusiasm. So, no matter what, remember that you must know a person’s preferences before spending money on getting them whatever kit you decide on to make sure you don’t waste money and that it’s a gift that they will cherish.

37. A DIY literary-themed baking kit with recipes and tools for creating treats inspired by beloved books.

38. A personalized DIY bookish stationery set-making kit with supplies for creating custom notecards, bookmarks, and envelopes adorned with favorite book quotes or illustrations.

39. A personalized DIY bookish greeting card-making kit with supplies for creating custom cards.

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40. A DIY literary-themed pottery or clay sculpting kit for creating book-inspired sculptures or figurines.

41. A personalized DIY bookshelf organization kit with materials for creating custom book dividers or labels.

42. A custom DIY bookplate stamp-making kit for creating custom bookplates to label their collection.

43. A bookish paper-crafting kit with templates and materials for creating 3D paper sculptures or dioramas based on beloved books.

44. A bookish calligraphy kit with pens, ink, and tutorials for mastering beautiful lettering inspired by famous literary quotes.

45. A DIY book-inspired candle holder kit with materials for crafting unique candle holders featuring literary motifs.

46. A DIY book-themed cross-stitch sampler kit with iconic literary quotes or book cover designs. Or, a custom DIY bookish cross-stitch bookmark kit with patterns and materials for stitching unique bookmarks that will have literary themes.

47. A custom DIY bookish embroidery patch-making kit with materials for creating personalized patches featuring favorite book characters or symbols.

48. A bookish polymer clay sculpting kit with tools and tutorials for creating miniature sculptures inspired by favorite books.

49. A DIY literary-themed embroidery hoop art kit with patterns and materials for creating literary-inspired wall decor.

50. A personalized DIY book-themed memory box kit with supplies for decorating and embellishing a box to store reading mementos.

51. A custom DIY book-themed puzzle-making kit with materials for creating personalized jigsaw puzzles featuring favorite book covers or scenes.

52. A custom DIY bookish jewelry-making kit with beads and charms inspired by beloved novels.

53. A DIY literary-themed terracotta pot painting kit with paints and stencils for decorating pots with quotes or illustrations from beloved novels.

54. DIY book-inspired woodburning kit with tools and stencils for creating custom woodburned designs featuring favorite book motifs.

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55. A DIY bookbinding kit with materials and instructions for making their own notebooks or journals.

56. A custom DIY bookish paper quilling kit with instructions and supplies for creating intricate paper designs inspired by favorite books.

57. A bookish origami kit with instructions and paper for folding characters or symbols from favorite books.

58. A personalized DIY bookish jewelry box kit with materials for decorating and customizing a box to store jewelry inspired by beloved novels.

59. A DIY bookish scrapbooking kit with themed paper, stickers, and embellishments for preserving reading memories.

60. A personalized DIY bookshelf decoration kit with miniature book replicas they can assemble and paint.

Fashion and Style

If the person you would like to give a gift to is someone who is interested in fashion and you believe would appreciate stylish items, then there are also some bookish gifts that they would very much appreciate. 

These could be everything from bags to shoes. One thing to ensure you have in mind is that everyone has preferences when it comes to items they wear, so make sure you consider that.

And just to make the process a little less complicated, one rule of thumb is that you don’t get a reader something in their least favorite color, so this is a good place to start before you invest in a gift.

61. A bookish tote bag for carrying books on the go.

62. A bookish tote bag filled with their favorite snacks and a new release.

63. A literary-themed enamel pin collection for accessorizing bags or jackets.

64. A bookish sock featuring literary quotes or characters.

65. A literary-themed scarf or shawl for cozy reading sessions.

Food and Drink–Related Items

And, of course, if the person you’d like to gift is someone who loves testing out recipes and cooking, a good bet would be to get them bookish gifts that support their hobby as well. 

66. A book-themed cookbook featuring recipes inspired by literature.

67. A set of book-inspired wine charms for their reading and sipping sessions.

68. A set of literary-themed cocktail glasses for book club meetings.

69. A gift card to a local coffee shop for enjoying beverages while reading.

70. A bookish tote bag filled with their favorite snacks and a new book release.

Tech and Gadgets

When I first started getting into audiobooks and ebooks, two of the things I treasured the most were my headphones and my Kindle. They are portable, and the very good ones will absolutely elevate your reading experience.

So if you’re thinking of getting a gift for a reader, find out if they are into audiobooks or ebooks, and then you might want to get them gadgets that will help them read more.

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And don’t be mistaken; when I talk about gadgets, I don’t mean only a book reader or headphones. It could be anything from a stand to beautiful decorations for a reading device. I promise whoever you’re gifting will absolutely appreciate it. 

71. A Kindle or e-reader if they enjoy reading digitally.

72. A pair of headphones for audiobook lovers 

73. Book-themed phone or tablet stand for hands-free reading.

74. Book-themed wireless charging pad for charging their devices in style.

75. Book-themed laptop or tablet decals for personalizing their tech devices. Or a book-themed laptop or tablet sleeve for protecting their tech devices.

76. Portable book scanner for digitizing physical books and creating digital copies.

77. Book-themed wireless speaker for listening to audiobooks or music while reading.

78. Digital note-taking device with a stylus for annotating while reading.

78. Digital audiobook player with features like variable playback speed and bookmarking.

79. Smart bookshelf organization system with RFID tags for tracking book collections.

80. Reading-focused browser extension or plug-in for finding book recommendations while browsing the web.

81. Smart reading lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings.

82. E-reader case with built-in light for reading in low-light environments.

83. Smart bookmark that syncs with an app to track reading progress.

84. Digital photo frame loaded with images of favorite book covers or literary quotes.

85. Virtual reality headset with immersive reading experiences or virtual library tours.

86. Smart reading glasses with adjustable magnification and built-in LED lights.

87. Bluetooth page turner for hands-free page turning while reading on a tablet or e-reader.

88. Waterproof e-reader case for reading by the pool, beach, or in the bath.

Decor and Art

I love reading a lot, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than when my space reflects my current mood or whatever I’m interested in. Because, when I come back, I would like to enter an environment I feel most comfortable in, and nothing spells comfort like coming back to a place that genuinely feels like home.

In essence, if you are thinking of gifting someone in your life who enjoys reading books, perhaps you want to consider giving them decorative gifts that they could hang around their house to make their space more beautiful.

89. A framed print of a literary quote or artwork from their favorite book.

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90. A literary-themed calendar with illustrations inspired by classic novels.

At the end of the day, remember that you want your gift to be as personalized and customized as possible. So even though you have gotten some very nice bookish gifts from this post, make sure you adapt them to the likes of whoever you want to give them to.

This could mean giving the item to them in their favorite color or in their preferred model, but definitely make sure you put some thought into it because this is what will help them appreciate it more.

And of course, there are so many other recommendations on the blog for life as a reader. Be sure to check those out. But for now, here are some ways to build lasting reading habits.


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