Review: Seat Mate by Cara Bastone

This is my very first audiobook with multiple narrators and to say that I enjoyed this might just be an understatement. The prose is dialogue-heavy and moves between short blocks written in first-person POV and longer bursts of conversations.

Added to that were sound effects and the array of talented narrators and I feel this is a book every audiobook-lover will appreciate.

Seatmate by Cara Bastone is the third installment in her Love Lines series and, while I haven’t read the rest and this is a new-to-me author, I’m certain that I will be working through her backlist in time. The writing is clear and concise and, trust me, you might be a reader, but you’re going to feel every pothole on this bumpy ride.

The events in the book take place over the course of a day and Gwen and Sam, the female and male protagonists respectively, from beleaguered seat mates—they occupied the seats directly facing the restrooms—become friends, and develop an unlikely attraction to each other. I enjoyed the witty banter and how their relationship bloomed over the course of the trip.

It’s quite fast paced and, as mentioned, the sound effects lends this almost realistic breath to the book, so you might feel like you’re occupying the bus as well.

Definitely recommend if you like road-trip romance, clean adult romance, have experience with full-cast audiobooks—or, if you have no experience, are willing to listen to one—and you’re looking to crush your reading goals with a short but sweet read. Happy reading!!


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