Review: Winning The Wallflower by Eloisa James

While reading this book, I had some trouble connecting with the male protagonist.

Despite his initial desire for an unassuming partner, he quickly forgets his priorities after getting frisky with the female lead and witnessing his disliked cousin dancing with her. This turn of events left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.

And, while I typically enjoy the witty banter that Eloisa James’ characters engage in, the conversations between these two were filled with excessive complaining about their social status.

While I understand that instant attraction is a common theme in romance novels, it felt overdone in this particular story.

Another thing that didn’t sit well with me was how the female lead’s personality didn’t seem to match up with her decision to accept the male lead’s proposal, especially since he made it clear that he valued her lack of fussiness over anything else. It seemed like she was just desperate for a connection, no matter how shallow.

Overall, I was let down by this book, especially after enjoying When Beauty Tamed The Beast. I had hoped for something similar, but unfortunately, it just didn’t deliver for me.

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