13 Smutty & Steamy Christmas Books That Bring The Right Type of Fun

The end-of-the-year holidays are finally upon us and there’s no better way to set the ball rolling than kicking back with a romance novel.

And, of course, bonus points if it’s the steamiest, sluttiest option on the shelf – This isn’t a trend, banes (it’s a lifestyle).

If you’re like me and you want something that turns up the heat in more ways than one this holiday, say less because I’ve got you covered. 

In this post, I’ve listed 13 over-the-top, steamy, Christmas-themed novels that are all shades of fun (I promiseeeee).

Dudes and dudettes, before we jump in, let me quickly let you know that you won’t get on the naughty list because you read any of these books — Christmas is all about spreading your…Christmas spirit!

1. Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

Stella, a girl down on her luck, gets a job decorating holiday windows for a charming man she meets in Manhattan when she criticizes his store decor. 

Tessa Bailey writes the smuttiest books, so is it really a surprise that her steamy Christmas novel over-delivered? I think not, my people. 

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2. A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierr

Plus-size adult film star Bee mistakenly lands a role in a Christmas movie and falls for her co-star, Nolan, who turns out to be her childhood crush while hiding her past.

This book ticks all the right boxes – plus-size representation, swoony leads, steamy, and, of course, that panty-melting romance  – so check it out and stay blessed this holiday. 

3. The Christmas Toy by Krista Wolf

The Christmas Toy by Krista Wolf

Alyssa joins three office hunks for a steamy Christmas vacation after finding a revealing diary left behind by another girl (who was their former partner).

Brethren, I was long overdue for a reverse harem book when I picked up this smutty number and I wasn’t disappointed. 

4. Wreck The Halls by Tessa Bailey

Wreck The Halls by Tessa Bailey

Melody, who has always been shunned by the media, considers reuniting her mother’s band for a TV show while falling for the son of the lead singer who’s her mother’s nemesis and former band-mate – Beat. 

If you know me, then you know that Tessa Bailey is my ultimate bias and an auto-read for me, so I gave this one a chance even though I was a little sceptical. 

The bulk of my scepticism was mainly because Beat and Melody in the book had to frontline a reality TV show that was documenting the entire reunion process and I don’t like reality TV–themed books.

But, as expected, Tessa Bailey pulled the MF off and I absolutely loved every single piece of this amazing steamy Christmas book that was naughty in all the best ways. 

5. Dipped In Holly by Dana Isaly

Dipped In Holly by Dana Isaly

Dumped Holly has a steamy one-night stand with bar owner Nick and wonders if it could lead to more in this totally rambunctious title. 

I’ve been a proud card-carrying member of the Single-Pringle association for years, but even hot, irresistible brilliant girls (like me and you) can get extremely vulnerable during the holidays. 

So, I totally fell for Nick who, I totally believe, is the embodiment of lust himself (and perhaps the devil, too, because I was sorely tempted to do wicked things). 

6. Gifting Me to His Best Friend by Katee Robert

Gifting Me to His Best Friend

A married couple invites a friend to join them for Christmas, and this leads to unexpected feelings and desires.

Katee Robert is mainly known for her Dark Olympus series which is headlined by series-starter Neon Gods and, you guys, she’s a genius when it comes to writing smut. 

I love mythology retellings (I scream this from the rooftop every other day) and if you trusted her with that number, you won’t want to miss this reverse harem, MFM steamy Christmas book. 

7. Tis The Season For Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth

Tis The Season For Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth

To get revenge on her ex who just made partner at his law firm, Abbie’s seemingly foolproof plan is to date his boss (who is a founding member of the firm), but she doesn’t expect to start falling for him. 

I’ll be honest: I, too, would have fallen hook, line, & sinker for Damien – He’s super grumpy and somewhat abrasive, but with Abbie, he becomes a dirty-talking cuddle bunny. 

8. My Fake Christmas Fiancé by Julie Kriss

My Fake Christmas fiance

Penny and Wesley decide to start a fake relationship because of their business but, soon enough, they realize their pretending might have become real. 

Now that I’m writing this article, I can’t quite remember the term for male leads who appear to be brash but turn out to be poodles and Wesley (our ML here) is one of them.

This steamy holiday romance novel delivers everything and more and I promise you’re going to be hooked and cheering them on by the end. 

9. Stalk and Stuff Her by Jenna Rose

Stalk and Stuff Her

Crime boss Cole has loved and protected Callie from the moment he laid eyes on her, but when she’s put into a dangerous situation, he starts hoping for a Christmas miracle that would secure their future together.

Dark romance books are always, always questionable and in this one, Cole definitely pushes the limits of what’s acceptable and not, but what’s for sure is that you’ll hear the jingles. 

10. Deck The Stalls by Katherine Avery

Deck The Stalls

Small-town sleigh ride business owner helps a snow polo champ reunite with his son for Christmas when she becomes their nanny. 

Garvan might have only wanted a nanny, but he gets that and more when he convinces her to tag along and I loved the fact that they found home and happiness with each other. 

11. Claus and Effect by Piper Rayne

Claus and Effect by Piper Rayne

Tre, an army ranger, and Tessa, a baker, set out on a chaotic road trip before Christmas, and in time, they learn more about each other along the way.

Never ever in the history of never evers have opposites attracted this fast, this smooth, this lovingly (and I’ve been around the block a good number of times).

Tre and Tessa might have started off unable to stand each other, but in time, they realised that they had a lot in common and it was the bestest thing ever. 

12. The Plight Before Christmas by Kate Stewart

The Plight Before Christmas

Whitney hasn’t had the best year and when she decides to hang her boots at her grandparents’ with her family for some time, she doesn’t expect her brother to bring along Eli, an ex she has murderous intentions for.

Do you peeps know what they say about forced proximity? Anyhoo, to keep the long story short and avoid dropping spoilers, these two reconnect.

And after practically setting the house on fire with their antagonism and general awkwardness, they find a sweet middle that heals the years of separation. 

13. The Christmas Fix by Lucy Score

The Christmas Fix

TV star Catalina sets out to help a town recover from a hurricane but she clashes with Noah Yates who while grateful for the help is more than ready to reject it if it’s coming from her.

Unluckily for him, Catalina is well-versed in dealing with surly dudes like him and she defies him at every corner which has the double effect of riling him up and stirring his heart. 

What do you think? Will you check out any of these steamy holiday-themed novels? Let me know in the comments section!

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