5 Best Opposites Attract Books With Heartwarming Romance

Opposites attract romance books to read scaled

Ever heard of Yin and Yang? You know – that saying that opposites need to attract for a perfect union. 

While this might not be true across the board, the leads in these opposite attract books have totally different personalities, but they always manage to make it work. 

If this is a trope you’ve read and loved or you’re a newbie who’s tentatively testing the waters, you’re about to get a whole lot of recs.

1. It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

It Happened One summer

Socialite Piper is cut off by her stepfather and sent to run her late father’s dive bar in Washington with her sister. 

As she starts living in the small town, she clashes with sea captain Brendan and this leads to an unexpected attraction and a reevaluation of her glamorous life.

Piper and Brendan were so, so different in all the ways that count (aside from the fact that she was all smiles while he sold grumpiness for a living), and I loved that it was an insta-attraction. 

2. Last Call At The Local by Sarah Grunder Ruiz

Last Call At The Local

Raine, a free-spirited musician with ADHD, joins forces with pub owner Jack to revitalize his family’s business.

Their opposite lifestyles and developing feelings then force them to redefine limits for a chance at lasting love.

3. You Again by Kate Goldbeck

You again

Ari and Josh, once romantic rivals, form an unexpected friendship after facing heartbreak. 

The lovely opposites attract romance book delves into the dynamics of co-ed friendship and how they humorously navigate the blurred lines between platonic and romantic connections.

4. The Bookshop And The Barbarian by Morgan Stang

The Bookshop And The Barbarian

Maribella and Asteria are an odd couple tasked with making a success of a bookshop while facing challenges from an evil local noblewoman. 

This comedic fantasy explores themes of community, friendship, and unexpected love in a charming and low-stakes setting with two leads who are different in every way. 

5. The Singles Table by Sarah Desai

The Singles Table

Celebrity-obsessed lawyer Zara and former military specialist Jay strike a deal to find each other love during the wedding season. 

As they navigate the chaos of wedding season together, soon enough, they find out they’re a perfect match.

If you’ve read this book, then you probably know how totally different Zara and Jay were, but they found a rhythm that made them both happy. 

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