20 Romantic Friends To Lovers For Readers Who Love To Swoon

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The best relationships start from beautiful, beautiful friendships.

And in these friends-to-lovers books, we see that romance has different colours but at the heart of it, it’s all about an enduring friendship between soulmates.

So, get buzzy because I’m about to list 20 of my personal favorite friends-to-lovers books that I’ll always, always recommend. 

1. Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Blurred lines

Parker and Ben, best friends for six years, navigate the complexities of turning their platonic connection into a casual sexual relationship. 

As they explore this new dynamic, unexpected emotions and challenges arise, testing the strength of their friendship.

2. Lease on Love by Falon Ballard

Lease on love

Sadie, facing setbacks in her career and personal life, mistakenly uses a dating app instead of a roommate app, leading her to Jack’s doorstep. 

Despite their differences, they strike a deal to share living space, setting the stage for an unlikely romance.

3. Next to You by Hannah Bonam-Young

Next to you

Lane’s impulsive purchase of a school bus for a home sets the stage for a unique journey. 

With Matt’s help in both bus renovations and the bedroom, their friendship evolves into something more. 

But, Lane discovers that building a new future requires healing from the past.

4. Blindsided by Amy Daws


Freya, a plus-sized seamstress, and Mac, a footballer, embark on a journey of seduction and self-discovery after a game of Never Have I Ever. 

Their unexpected feelings for each other challenge their longstanding friendship and lead to a realization of love.

5. Josh And Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren

Josh and Hazel guide to not dating

Hazel, a quirky woman with a penchant for chaos, reconnects with Josh, her college acquaintance, after a cheating incident. 

Despite setting each other up on disastrous blind dates, their unique friendship soon becomes love and they are so sweet together.

6. Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid

Friends Without Benefits

Elizabeth and Nico, former adversaries, find their friendship tested when circumstances bring them closer. 

As they confront their differences, the charismatic Nico challenges Elizabeth’s commitment aversion and this leads to a journey of self-discovery and the possibility of love.

7. A Crack In Everything by L.H. Cosway

A crack in everything

Evelyn and Dylan, teenagers living in Dublin, form an unconventional bond centered around scent and growing things. 

Love a YA romance any time of the day and this YA friends-to-lovers romance book came to me at the right time and I loved it.

8. Exposed by Kristen Callihan

Exposed book

Brenna, a publicist, and Rye, a bassist, grapple with their antagonistic relationship until a vulnerable moment brings them closer. 

As their connection deepens, they navigate the challenges of trust and temptation in the world of rock and roll.

9. Make Me Yours by Melanie Harlow

Make Me yours

Cheyenne, a kindergarten teacher, accidentally sends a suggestive text to her neighbour Cole, a single dad and police officer. 

Their accidental flirtation leads to a passionate connection that totally challenges their preconceived notions about each other.

10. Before And After You by Hope Ellis

Before and after you

Leigh, determined to build a new life, faces unexpected attraction to Walker, her best friend’s brother. 

As they confront family secrets and their growing feelings, they must decide whether to fight for a love neither anticipated.

11. Take A Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Take a hint dani brown

Dani, focused on her career, wants a no-strings-attached arrangement. 

And when Zafir saves her from a workplace incident, they decide to start a fake relationship,  but soon realise that their connection is no longer surface-level

Dani was manic when she realized the depth of her feelings for Zafir (the sweet hottie) and I loved every bit of this wholesome and romantic friends-to-lovers book.

12. The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

Kristen, who has medical problems, tries to keep her feelings for Josh a secret while planning her best friend’s wedding. 

As they grow closer, they confront their own desires and redefine their ideas of a happy ending.

13. Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling by Elise Bryant

Reggie and Delilahs Year of Falling

Delilah and Reggie, seemingly incompatible, meet during holiday celebrations over and over again. 

Their attraction grows, but they realize they’ve fallen for versions of each other that may not be authentic. 

14. Seoulmates by Susan Lee

Seoul mates

Hannah, who is struggling with her Korean American identity, reunites with Jacob, a childhood friend and K-drama star. 

And when they reconnect, she slowly learns more about the complexities of cultural identity and love – This is yet another precious book where friends become lovers and I know you’ll enjoy it.

15. Each Night Was Illuminated by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Each Night Was Illuminated

Cassie, grappling with loss and skepticism, finds solace in the company of Elias. 

And the story explores faith, healing, and the possibility of finding something to believe in even in a broken world. 

16. Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed

Yes No Maybe so

Jamie and Maya, brought together by political activism, navigate cross-cultural romance and the challenges of being true to themselves while engaged in local activism.

17. The Quantum Weirdness Of The Almost Kiss by Amy Noelle Parks

The Quantum Weirdness Of The Almost Kiss

The dynamics between Evie and Caleb, two longtime friends, change when they decide to participate in a physics competition. 

Caleb has actually had a crush on Evie forever, but he finds himself unable to keep his feelings hidden when she decides to be more outgoing and make more friends; while she had always seen him as the one constant in her life and she was scared of messing things up.

18. Better Than The Movies by Lynn Painter

Better Than the movies

Liz, a daydreamer, and Wes, her annoying but attractive neighbor, collaborate to capture the attention of her forever crush. 

These two soon realize that their friendship had slowly turned into a deep love and I loved seeing them together. 

19. The Change Up by Meghan Quinn

The change up

Maddox finds himself falling for his best friend Charlie when she moves in with him and now he has to deal with his new and unexpected romantic feelings.

20. Best Fake Fiancé by Roxie Noir

Best Fake fiance

Daniel, faced with a custody battle, pretends to be engaged to his best friend Charlie. 

And as they navigate the fake engagement, real feelings emerge and this complicates their long-standing friendship.

Which of these friends turned lovers books do you think you’ll give a chance? Let me know in the comments. 

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