24 Lovely Road Trip Romance Books To Swoon Over This Weekend

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I have the worst car sickness, so road trips are a big no-no for me, but I’ll admit some of the greatest romances are built when two characters are confined to a small space alone for a long time.

It’s the perfect set-up for a romance that endures, so, I’ve listed some of my personal favourite road trip romance books that I think anyone would enjoy. 

And just before we get into the list: please know that I think about “romance” and “loving” in a much more wholesome way, so some of these books are more about personal development as opposed to interpersonal relationships.

That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad, but they’re a little different (who doesn’t like differences anyway?) and I genuinely think you’ll enjoy them if you give them a chance. 

Also, rather unfortunately, recommendations with this trope almost always focus on contemporary romance books, but I’ve found a good deal of historical road trip romance books with the most memorable characters. 

That said, there’s an entire section further below with recommendations of historical romance road trip books that will heal the soul completely — check them out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

14 Road Trip Books With The Most Heartwarming Romance Ever

1. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

The Spanish Love Deception

Catalina Martín needs a date for her sister’s wedding after lying about having an American boyfriend. 

Now, she has four weeks to find someone willing to help her deceive her family in Spain, and rather unexpectedly, her colleague Aaron Blackford offers to step in.

The two haven’t had the best relationship in the past, but once they hit the road and the wedding gets closer, Catalina starts to see Aaron in a new light. 

This TikTok delight made (and is still making) waves when it was released and it’s quite possibly the sweetest co-workers romance book you’d ever read. 

2. The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

Road trip Beth OLeary

Addie and her sister plan a road trip to a friend’s wedding in Scotland, but their car gets rear-ended by Addie’s ex, Dylan. 

With Dylan and his friend needing a ride, they all set out together, but the trip becomes tense when they broach the subject of their old wounds. 

As they travel, Addie and Dylan slowly confront their past misunderstandings while contemplating a future without each other. 

Beth O’Leary is one of the most fantastic writers who knows how to write clean, lovely romance that will sweep you up and you really do need to give this one a chance. 

3. Next to You by Hannah Bonam-Young

Next to You by Hannah Bonam Young

Lane, who’s facing an identity crisis, compulsively buys a school bus which she plans to convert into a home. 

With little renovation experience, she decides to recruit her friend Matt for help and even though they have insane chemistry, they agree to remain friends. 

In time, they’re working more and more on the bus while slowly eroding the boundaries between them when they decide to start a friends-with-benefits relationship.  

While this isn’t a road trip romance in full (they never do set out on a journey), the bus is pretty much the main character in this book and I loved it.

And, I promise you’re going to fall in love with Matt, who’s ever cuddly, pookie book boyfriend rolled into one, and Hannah Bonam-Young, whose way with words often makes me feel seen. 

4. Tilly and the Crazy Eights by Monique Gray Smith

Tilly and the Crazy Eights by Monique Gray

Tilly agrees to drive eight elders on a bucket list road trip to a powwow in Albuquerque. 

Along the way, they visit Las Vegas, Sedona, and the Redwood Forests, all the way sharing secrets and stories. 

The journey transforms them all, and, slowly, they forge relationships, find love, face their difficult pasts, and acknowledge that they’re the ones in charge of their fate. 

Remember what I said in the intro? There’s a good dose of romance in this road trip book, but I was more focused on and I especially appreciated the growth of our characters whom I came to absolutely love and cherish by the end. 

5. How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in Days by

Bethany Lu Carlisle is on a mission to stop Keanu Reeves from getting married because she’s convinced he is her true soulmate. 

With her loyal friend Truman Erikson, they set out on a wild road trip from New York to Los Angeles to find Keanu and confess her love. 

But they’ll have to face hurdle upon hurdle and, soon, Lu will realise that true love might have been around her all along. 

If hearts could fly, mine would have soared while reading this seemingly fun, easy-to-read book – Lu’s growth (romantically and personally) is awe-inspiring and there’s no way she won’t inspire you. 

6. Too Hot to Handle by Tessa Bailey

Too hot to handle by tessa bailey

Rita Clarkson’s road trip goes south when her car breaks down in New Mexico with her estranged siblings. 

Rescue then comes in the form of Jasper Ellis, a charming biker with a bad boy reputation, and even though they don’t get along, Jasper picks up on a connection between them that he wants to explore.

So, now,  has a few days to convince Rita that he’s not just a temporary fix, but someone worth holding onto forever.

Tessa Bailey is easily one of my auto-buy authors, so, needless to say, I wasn’t told twice to read this steamy, road trip romance book and I loved every second of it. 

7. Along for the Ride by Mimi Grace

Along for the Ride by Mimi Grace

Jolene Baxter reluctantly teams up with Jason Akana for a cross-country move after her father bails. 

And, while on the road, their once rocky relationship blooms into tentative friendship and then a lasting romance neither sees coming. 

I read and loved this book a few weeks ago, so here’s a detailed review that gives even more details about the book.

8. Three Little Words by Jenny Holiday

Three Little Words by Jenny Holiday

Gia Gallo is stuck in New York with her friend’s wedding dress and only six days to get to Florida, so she needs a ride stat. 

Somehow, she ends up on a road trip with the charming but irritating Bennett Buchanan, who took the last rental car.

And soon enough, the lines between a casual fling and something meaningful start to blur between these two very different characters. 

9. The Playlist by Morgan Elizabeth

The playlist by Morgan Elizabeth

Zoe is forced to revisit her life after revisiting a childhood dream box, and not long after, she breaks up with her boyfriend and quits her job.

Zander, who has loved her forever, sees this as his chance to win her over and they both decide to cross items off her childhood bucket list.

And when they’re forced to fake a relationship, Zander hopes against hope that they can make their relationship into the real thing. 

This is easily another one of my personal fave road trip romance books with the most heartwarming story of growth and love that everyone needs to read. 

10. I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest

I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest

Chloe Pierce defies her mother’s orders when she starts putting plans in motion to travel 200 miles to audition for her dream dance conservatory. 

But her plans become all the more complicated when her neighbour Eli insists on coming along with his dog, Geezer.

I Wanna Be Where You Are is one of those lovely YA romance books that goes into everything from finding love to chasing dreams and you’re going to enjoy seeing Chloe grow into her own. 

11. Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt

Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt

Peyton and Jace meet on vacation and fall in love, and just as the frayed seams of their new relationship start closing in, they find themselves on a road trip. 

Both of them are used to keeping secrets, but the journey will test them in ways they’ve never expected. 

12. America for Beginners by Leah Franqui

America for Beginners by Leah Franqui

Pival Sengupta travels from Kolkata to New York with the First Class India USA Destination Vacation Tour Company to find the truth about the supposed death of her son, Rahi.

Accompanied by the company’s owner, Ronnie, and guide Satya, Pival learns the many complexities of America with the help of aspiring actress Rebecca. 

As they go, they challenge their preconceptions and deepen their bonds as they learn more about the ties that bind them to their countries and how this plays into their lives.

13. Mariam Sharma Hits the Road by Sheba Karim

Mariam Sharma Hits the Road

Mariam, Ghazala, and Umar set off on a road trip to New Orleans after a scandalous photo of Ghaz appears in Times Square. 

In time, they experience various adventures, from drag parties to Muslim conventions, while also facing personal questions and challenges that test everything they know about themselves. 

14. Lulu and Milagro’s Search for Clarity by Angela Velez

Lulu and Milagros Search for Clarity by Angela Ve

Luz Lulu Zavala is determined to nail her interview for a Stanford internship, which is the final stop on her school’s college road trip. 

But to do this, she must first mend her relationship with her sister Clara, who sparked a rift with their mom over college. 

Meanwhile, her middle sister Milagro reluctantly joins the trip even though she has her own agenda until certain unexpected discoveries lead both sisters to confront certain truths about themselves. 

This lovely road trip romance book goes into love, self-discovery, and sisterhood while both sisters travel from Baltimore to San Francisco and it’s one of the best things you’d ever read.

Here Are 10 Must-Read Historical Road Trip Romance Books

1. Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase

Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase

Benedict Carsington, Viscount Rathbourne, is a proper aristocrat until Bathsheba Wingate, a widow from a notorious family, enters his life. 

When Bathsheba’s daughter involves Benedict’s nephew in a treasure hunt, they must rescue them together, but their mission throws them into several dangerous and intimate situations.

Benedict’s motto in life is to always keep his calm and avoid scandals, but the closer he gets to Bathsheba, the more he realises that he might be kidding himself. 

2. A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan

A Rogue to Remember

Lottie Carlisle is fed up with London society and her uncle’s meddling, so she devises a plan to make herself unmarriageable and escape to the countryside. 

But, when her childhood friend Alec Gresham reappears with news of her uncle’s failing health, Lottie must return home with him. 

In this historical road trip romance book, Lottie must decide if she can trust Alec again despite his secrets and they both move cautiously towards a happily ever after. 

3. Waiting For A Scot Like You by Eva Leigh 

Waiting For A Scot Like You

Major Duncan McCameron is tasked with escorting Lady Farris on her journey to the North, but he does this reluctantly as he’s afraid her reckless nature will cause trouble. 

On the other hand, Beatrice, the Dowager Countess of Farris, is determined to enjoy her newfound freedom after a stifling marriage, even if it means clashing with Duncan along the way — and they do clash multiple times. 

4. Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin

Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin

Princess Ai Li flees her wedding during China’s Tang Dynasty and seeks protection from a battle-scarred warrior named Ryam. 

And even though he’s reluctant to get involved, Ryam is drawn to Ai Li’s innocence and determination, so he vows to protect her without giving in to his desires.

5. One Night With The Laird by Nicola Cornick

One Night With The Laird by Nicola Cornick

Lady Mairi MacLeod finds herself inexplicably drawn to Jack Rutherford, even though he’s arrogant and the worst of rakes.

And when she’s blackmailed, Jack becomes her protector and slowly, they start revealing their secrets to each other. 

6. The Lord I Left by Scarlet Peckham

The Lord I Left by Scarlet Peckham

Lord Lieutenant Henry Evesham is investigating London’s flesh trade, while Alice Hull, an apprentice to a whipping governess, is trying to return home after a family tragedy. 

Somehow, these two with the most opposite characters set out on a journey together and even as they fight their attraction, they realise that being together will test everything they hold dear. 

This is yet another fantastic road trip historical romance book you need to read and I know for sure you’re going to love them all. 

7. Tycoon by Joanna Shupe

Tycoon by Joanna Shupe

Ted Harper is surprised by a fiery kiss from Clara Dawson, a woman he suspects to be a swindler, and even though he has many reservations, he invites her to join him on a journey to St. Louis. 

Clara, a savvy shop girl gets entangled in a crime and soon finds herself drawn to Ted’s protection and their undeniable chemistry challenges everything she knows to be true. 

8. Not Quite A Husband by Sherry Thomas 

Not quite a husband

Leo Marsden tracks down Bryony Asquith in India, three years after their short-lived marriage ended in annulment. 

He wants to beg her for forgiveness and deliver an urgent message from her sister while escorting her back to England.

But even as they brave the many dangers they face on their journey, including the treacherous war raging around them, their rekindled passion will put them at the biggest risk. 

9. The Duchess Wager by Katherine Grant

The Duchess wager

Fitz, the Duke of Harrodshire, accepts a wager that he won’t marry the next woman he fancies.

But, when he meets Lady Margot Wickham during a snowstorm at Bleneccle Manor, he finds himself drawn to her despite his intentions. 

Meanwhile, Margot, who’s still mourning her husband’s death, is grateful for the distraction Fitz provides. 

As they travel together to address the problems at her husband’s cotton mill, their attraction grows which only adds problems to both their lives and their hearts.

10. Outrageous by Minerva Spencer 

Outrageous by Minerva Spencer

Eva de Courtney kidnaps Godric Fleming to protect her brother, but her plans change when she’s drawn to his passionate nature. 

But soon, Godric turns the tables and takes her hostage and insists they get married immediately. 

And even though he’s reluctant, Godric agrees to Eva’s demands, but the journey to the Scottish border will test both their resolve and their growing feelings for each other.

Have you ever been on a road trip? Do you think you’ll check out any of these lovely road trip romance books? Let me know in the comment section below and we can discuss. 

If you’d like to find even more romance recommendations, make sure you check out the related posts below and I know you’ll find something you’ll love. 


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