30 Must-Read Romantic Suspense Novels Full Of Swoons & Thrills

Best romantic suspense books to read scaled

When you need something sweet and cutesy that still has the edge that will keep you glued to your seat, you definitely want to turn to a romantic suspense novel.

These are the ones that mix dangerous thrills and chills with delightful moments of tenderness, and if you’ve been looking to get the perfect blend of both worlds, I’ve got you covered. 

You can be sure to get everything from a woman running from a deranged ex to a transplant in a small town who’s sleuthing it with an expert investigator.

1. The Guarded One by Brittney Sahin

The guarded one

This steamy romantic suspense book is about Sydney, a tough single mother who used to be in the Army and now fights bad guys with a special team. 

Beckett is a sheriff who left the city to raise his daughter in a quiet town, and when their paths cross, things get exciting and romantic. 

They face dangers together and wonder if they should protect their hearts or take a chance on love. 

2. Unforgiven by Rebecca Zanetti

Unforgiven rebecca

Gemma Falls, a game theory expert, evades a relentless stalker using her skills, and she hopes for safety at D.C. University with her daughter, but she must deal with an overbearing philosophy professor. 

Jethro Hanson, haunted by his past actions, meets Gemma and sparks fly, but as their passion grows, a new danger arises. 

3. Tinderbox by Rachel Grant


In the volatile Horn of Africa, paleoanthropologist Morgan Adler discovers an extraordinary find, and while being pursued by a warlord, she seeks refuge at a US military base. 

Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard intercepts her, saving her life, and when they’re forced to collaborate in the desert heat, a passionate attraction ignites between them, despite the risks. 

Morgan’s quest for a vital mystery puts her in peril, and Pax is willing to defy orders to keep her safe, which blurs the line between duty and desire in this high-stakes romantic suspense book filled with romance and danger.

4. The Last Move by Mary Burton

The last move

FBI agent Kate Hayden confronts a nightmarish scenario: a copycat killer replicating her past case, with a horrifying twist—she’s the ultimate target. 

Working with Detective Theo Mazur, they uncover a sinister enemy who knows Kate intimately, and as they delve deeper, truth and deception intertwine, and in this deadly game, appearances can deceive. 

Mary Burton’s standalone thriller is a heart-pounding race against a malevolent foe, where unraveling the truth is a matter of life and death.

5. Savaged by Mia Sheridan

Savage mia

Wilderness guide Harper Ward is called to aid in a double murder case in Montana, where the prime suspect, Lucas, appears savage but also intriguing. 

As she delves into his story, she uncovers a complex mystery — Is Lucas a ruthless killer, a victim, or a mix of both? 

The more time Harper spends with him, the deeper she’s drawn into a web of secrets and emotions, and she finds she might be risking her heart in the process.

6. Cold As Ice by Toni Anderson

Cold as ice

Darby O’Roarke wakes up in a strange house beside a dead man, her memory blank, so she calls FBI Agent Eban Winters, with whom she had a past. 

Eban, battling his feelings for Darby, rushes to Alaska, but he faces resistance from local police and media frenzy. 

Freeing Darby and ensuring her safety is paramount and when another woman is murdered, signs point to Darby being framed. 

A ruthless serial killer, long sought by the FBI, now targets Darby, but they must race against time to unravel the entire truth before it’s too late.

7. Out of Love by Jewel E. Ann

Out of love

Livy Knight loves mysteries, thanks to her dad’s influence, and college offers her freedom to date whoever she wants. 

She’s sure her dad would disapprove of Slade Wylder, and Livy’s not too fond of him either, but Slade intrigues her because he lives in a seemingly haunted house with a highly-trained dog. 

Rumors hint at drug dealing, but it doesn’t explain why he rescues her, and while Livy can’t stop thinking about him, the truth she uncovers is more perilous than any gossip.

8. The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White

The drowned girls

Detective Angie Pallorino, tormented by a rapist’s trademark cross-shaped scars, faces a chilling case when a comatose Jane Doe is found with similar marks. 

As more victims surface, the hunt intensifies and when she joins a specialized task force, Angie tries to prove herself. 

But her partnership with James Maddocks soon blurs personal and professional boundaries, and while pursuing the killer, their attraction grows. 

This is another perfect romantic suspense book that everyone needs to read, because I feel the author did a great job balancing the thrills with the swoons and the end product is simply fantastic.  

9. The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

Girl in 6E

Deanna Madden, alias Jessica Reilly, has lived in isolation for three years and she earns a living through webcam shows. 

When a missing girl’s case aligns with a disturbing client fantasy, she suspects his involvement and contacts the authorities but she doesn’t get a positive response.

So, Deanna leaves her apartment for the first time in years, and her quest for justice unravels a web of danger and deception that challenges her reclusive existence in this suspenseful thriller.

10. Bath Haus by P.J. Vernon

Bath haus

Oliver Park, a recovering addict with a stable life alongside wealthy partner Nathan, makes a risky visit to a gay bathhouse. 

Events spiral out of control, leaving Oliver in a dangerous situation, and terrified, he hides the truth and tells some lies.

What comes after is a high-stakes, heart-pounding tale filled with shocking revelations and gripping suspense. 

11. Mr Perfect by Linda Howard

Mr perfect

Jaine and her girlfriends playfully ponder the traits of the perfect man at Mr. Perfect, their favorite late-night spot. 

But when their cheeky checklist goes viral, they become targets and one of them is murdered.

Jaine then decides to ask her neighbor for help to unmask the killer and soon enough, they start falling in love with each other. 

12. Die For Me by Cynthia Eden

Die for me

Katherine Cole’s perfect fiancé turned out to be the deadly Valentine Killer, known for leaving victims with a single red rose through their hearts. 

After vanishing for three years, he’s back and is now hunting Katherine, and he keeps following her wherever she goes.

This time, Katherine refuses to be a silent victim, so she asks for help from a sexy cop, Detective Dane Black, and as emotions flare between them, Dane vows to protect her and catch the killer. 

13. Deep Tide by Laura Griffin

Deep tide

In a small beach town plagued by rising crime, Leyla Breda discovers her employee murdered near her café. 

An undercover FBI agent, Sean Moran, suspects the town’s criminal ties, and despite her brothers’ warnings, Sean is drawn to Leyla. 

Together, they dig deeper into the case, revealing a sinister underbelly, but just when they start getting closer to the truth, their mission turns perilous.

14. Heartbreak Incorporated by Alex de Campi

Heartbreak incorporated

In Alex de Campi’s tantalizing romantic suspense novel, 25-year-old Evie Cross lives a life where her journalism dreams play second fiddle to her reality. 

As a temp for the charismatic relationship consultant Misha Meserov, she’s drawn into a world of tangled affairs, and yet, beneath Misha’s charm lies enigma. 

When an occult-influenced murder occurs, Evie stands at a crossroads: pursue journalistic truth or yield to her growing connection with Misha.

15. Hooked by Emily McIntire


James is consumed by a singular desire: revenge against his enemy, Peter Michaels, so Wendy, Peter’s daughter, becomes his unexpected opportunity. 

James plans to seduce Wendy and use her to exact vengeance, but when problems within his organization surface, he must uncover a traitor. 

Wendy, secluded by her cold, wealthy father, finds an intense and forbidden love with James, and their relationship blurs the lines between desire and danger, leaving Wendy torn between the enigmatic James and the sinister figure known as Hook. 

This is a retelling of the Peter Pan fairytale and if you love retelling as much as I do, you’re going to have so much fun with this super interesting book with romance and suspense. 

16. The Persuasion by Iris Johansen

The persuasion

In this gripping tale, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and ex-Navy Seal Joe Quinn enlist Seth Caleb, a trusted ally, to protect their daughter, Jane, from a ruthless psychopath. 

But when Jane takes matters into her own hands, the danger escalates and now the trio races against time to stop the madman, facing not only external threats but also their own complicated love story. 

Together, they must muster the strength to confront and vanquish this malevolent force and then solidify their commitment to each other in the face of uncertainty.

17. The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

The newcomer

In Mary Kay Andrews riveting summer read, The Newcomer, Letty Carnahan is thrust into chaos when she discovers her sister Tanya’s lifeless body in their NYC townhouse. 

Convinced sleazy real estate mogul Evan Wingfield is to blame, Letty flees with her niece Maya, following Tanya’s final wish. 

Armed with cash and a diamond ring, they land at the Murmuring Surf Motel in Treasure Island, Florida, and now surrounded by skeptical retirees and an alluring detective, Letty delves into Tanya’s secrets while evading danger.

18. Be Still My Heart by Emily McIntire

Be still my heart

Skelm Island, Maine, known for lobsters and a crumbling lighthouse, becomes the focus of a mysterious investigation when bodies start washing ashore. 

Lincoln Porter, a grumpy ex-SEAL turned lobsterman, finds his business attracting more corpses than crustaceans, so Detective Sloane, a homicide expert, joins the case and starts unearthing secrets that Lincoln prefers to keep buried. 

Forced to collaborate, their clash of personalities sparks a fiery rivalry, and yet, as they uncover hidden truths, they must rely on each other to decide which secrets should see the light of day and which should remain concealed on this enigmatic island.

19. Overkill by Sandra Brown

Overkill sandra

Former Super Bowl MVP quarterback, Zach Bridger, receives a life-altering call about his ex-wife, Rebecca Pratt, who’s on life support after a brutal assault. 

Despite having medical power-of-attorney, the weight of the decision and public scrutiny leads Zach to let Rebecca’s parents decide her fate. 

Four years later, Rebecca’s attacker, Eban, is released, prompting state prosecutor Kate Lennon to seek justice.

20. Run Posy Run by Cate C. Wells

Run Posy run

Posy’s dream of a perfect romance shatters with Dario Volpe’s discovery of her hidden past, and now, he’s not just a lover; he’s a threat. 

To survive, she must escape and never look back, but she soon discovers that running her off was a mistake, and now he’s determined to capture her. 

21. Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

Partners in crime

Mira, an accountant, wants a stable partner on an Indian American dating app, so she finds Naveen, a predictable English professor. 

But when her aunt’s death in Vegas leads to kidnappers, art thieves, and hackers, their quiet lives take an unexpected turn. 

Mira is scared of chasing Naveen away with the excitement she’s been avoiding, but perhaps amidst the chaos, they’ll discover an unexpected love connection. 

This thrilling romantic adventure blends Indian matchmaking with a roller-coaster of excitement and love, and if you’ve even looking for a super romantic suspense novel to read this year, you’ll love this one. 

22. The Hunting Grounds by Katee Robert

Hunting grounds

Former top FBI agent Maggie Gaines seeks solace as a ranger at Glacier National Park after a traumatic case. 

But when a murder occurs, she’s forced to reunite with her estranged partner, Vic Sutherland, who’s been hunting a killer in national parks.

As they investigate, trust in each other becomes their lifeline, and when the face the peril in the peril of Glacier, Maggie and Vic must rely on their connection to survive and catch the predator. 

23. When She Dreams by Amanda Quick

When she dreams

In 1930s Burning Cove, California, Maggie Lodge, assistant to the enigmatic advice columnist Dear Aunt Cornelia, recruits private eye Sam Sage to thwart a blackmailer. 

Their mismatched personalities clash, but mutual attraction simmers beneath the surface, but both harbor secrets from their troubled pasts.

As they delve into a web of murder and blackmail, dark truths emerge, and a ruthless killer closes in.

24. We Will Reign by Rachel Leigh

We will reign

Riley escapes to BCU for freedom, away from her Guardian family’s expectations, but a menacing figure watches, haunting her dreams. 

Even scarier are his friends, Maddox and Lev, who seem obsessed and Riley fears for her safety.

25. Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag

Ashes to ashes

In a Minneapolis park, a serial killer conducts gruesome rituals and even though three lives have been taken, and he’s not stopping. 

There’s a silent witness, and Kate Conlan, a former FBI agent turned victim advocate, takes the case because billionaire Peter Bondurant’s daughter may be the next victim. 

Despite their past, Agent John Quinn, a seasoned profiler, joins the investigation, and Kate soon realizes she is the only one who can stop the killer, but she’s also his next target. 

26. Cold & Deadly by Toni Anderson

Cold and deadly

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dominic Sheridan excels in crisis negotiations until he meets rookie agent Ava Kanas, who challenges him. 

Ava, motivated by her father’s murder, recognizes foul play in her mentor’s death, and when another agent is killed, they realize a serial killer is targeting the FBI. 

Dominic and Ava investigate while battling a forbidden attraction, but as the predator closes in on Ava, they face a life-and-death struggle. 

27. Until the End by Juno Rushdan

Until the end

Gray Box operative Castle Kinkade is a relentless protector, and his latest mission involves safeguarding hacker Kit Westcott. 

Despite their differences, Castle’s protective instincts kick in, forming a bond between them. 

As they face imminent danger and a dangerous conspiracy, Castle and Kit must join forces to confront a grave threat. 

28. A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh

A madness of sunshine

Anahera Rawiri returns to her hometown of Golden Cove in New Zealand, seeking solace from the turmoil of her life, and the town seems much as she remembers it, with familiar faces and the same picturesque setting. 

Detective Will Gallagher, haunted by his past, now serves as the town’s sole cop, but when a resident named Miri Hinewai goes missing, Will leads the investigation, and Anahera’s local knowledge becomes invaluable. 

As they dig deeper into Golden Cove’s mysteries, they discover dark secrets hidden beneath the beautiful landscape and I genuinely can’t recommend this more if you want an amazing romantic suspense novel to add to your TBR. 

29. True Gold by Michelle Pace

True gold

In True, Alaska, Connor and Delilah had a passionate yet tumultuous relationship, but after their painful breakup, Connor became a Green Beret and left Alaska. 

Now, a decade later, he’s guiding adventurers in the wilderness, but when Delilah calls about their missing mother, he’s drawn back into her life. 

Despite their tumultuous history, he can’t resist helping her find their mom as the call rekindles old feelings, and Connor must confront his past while navigating the wilds of Alaska, where danger and mystery await.

These two got their second chance at romance at long last and it was the most fantastic thing ever!

30. Out Of Nowhere by Sandra Brown 

Out of nowhere

Elle Portman and Calder Hudson cross paths during a tragic shooting at a Texas county fair, and their lives are forever changed as they survive the ordeal, and they both seek justice for the victims. 

While their shared trauma draws them closer, they must navigate the complexities of their feelings amid the ongoing investigation. 

Together, they grapple with the aftermath of the tragedy and the pursuit of the shooter, unsure if their budding relationship can withstand the weight of their shared experience. 

Sandra Brown really does write the best romantic thrillers, and I can tell you for a fact that Out of Nowhere (and Overkill, which I talked about earlier) is one of the best romantic thrillers I’ve had the privilege of reading.

Do you think you’ll read any of these romantic suspense books fill with action and romance? Let me know in the comments below.

And, don’t forget to check out some more recommendations from the related posts below (you’ll find dozens of new books to add to your TBR!)

Happy reading!


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