20 Must-Read Sweet & Clean Christmas Romance Books To Check Out

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As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that makes a holiday enjoyable is being able to relax with a book, and even better if that book is holiday-themed. 

All the books I have listed below do not have any explicit scenes, but they are super romantic and sweet, perfect to kick back with this Christmas.

So if you have been looking for clean Christmas romantic books to keep busy with over the holiday, this list is for you, and I promise you’re going to love all of them. 

There is everything from the sweetest second chance romance to lovely single parents who find love again and even a super romantic friends-to-lovers book that I always recommend.

1. The Second Noel by Chautona Havig

The second noel

Breanne learns a local family got scammed for a Diabetic Alert Dog and must raise $25,000 for another. 

Determined, she rallies Fairbury’s support and Mark, who had one great date with Breanne years ago, joins her efforts reluctantly as he is still drawn to her.

Together with friends, they work to fulfill the boy’s wish and the romance between Mark and Breanne is rekindled.

2. Shelter by Robin Merrill

Shelter by Robin Merrill

Maggie Hansen sets out in a borrowed car with an unexpected companion—a dog that isn’t quite what she expected. 

Lost in a blizzard, she lands in the peculiar town of Mattawooptock, where she discovers more than she bargained for in a quirky church bathroom. 

This heartfelt, faith-filled Christmas romance book is everything it sounds like and more — It’s so good and you’ll love every page of it. 

3. No Room in the Inn by Gracie Ruth Mitchell

No Room in the Inn by Gracie Ruth

When Willow Granny passes, she leaves her a decrepit inn and a letter urging her to create a Hallmark-worthy Christmas in Woodfield. 

But, Willow knows reality differs from Hallmark movies: the inn has squatters, her baking isn’t perfect, and family reconciliation isn’t appealing.

Refusing Granny’s requests, she clashes with charming, younger Santa, Nixon, whose flirtations complicate her stay and even though she’s determined to avoid love as much as she can, she quickly falls in love with the quirky townsfolk.

4. Cowboy’s Christmas Nanny by Clara Pines

Cowboys Christmas Nanny by Clara Pines

Shane Cassidy’s Christmas wish is simple: for his children to be happy. 

But when troubles arise on the family horse farm, he decides to hire his best friend’s sister, Natalie, as a nanny, even though he has the biggest crush on her.

In time, Natalie bonds with his kids and they both slowly move past their pains and broken dreams and find love and warmth with each other.

This lovely book is perfect in every way that counts, but my favourite part is definitely the found family and the small-town setting that made it all the more endearing. 

5. Christmasland by Evelyn Meyer

Christmasland by Anne Marie Meyer

Somehow, Beatrice and Em find themselves smack-dab in a real-life hallmark re-enactment and, soon, they’re fielding two lovely gents while redefining happiness.

This short book is as sappy and cliché as they come and while it isn’t a personal favourite, it’s perfect if you want something relatively lighthearted. 

6. Later On We’ll Conspire by Kortney Keisel

Later on well conspire

Lacee plans to spend Christmas alone, but a chance encounter with a handsome stranger, Park Bradshaw, changes everything. 

Deciding on a casual holiday fling, she soon discovers Park’s surprising skills, but they’re soon thrown into a danger that could see them both lose their heads. 

Later On We’ll Conspire is one of the best clean Christmas romantic suspense books that will thrill you to no end – You will love it. 

7. Christmas Like This by Carina Taylor

Christmas Like This by Carina Taylor

Marla doesn’t get along with Trey, and when their boss tasks them with planning the company’s Christmas party, they butt heads. 

With tensions high and the stakes even higher, both of them soon learn more about themselves, solve their misunderstandings, and realise they might have a chance at finding a lasting love.

8. Sandover Beach Christmas by Emma St. Clair

Sandover Beach Christmas by Emma St

Ripley’s lie about having a boyfriend snowballs into a real fake relationship when she gets pulled over by Cash, who reluctantly agrees to play along for the holidays. 

And even though they’re as different as night and day – one is a control freak and the other is a holiday hater — their fake relationship eventually evolves into a real one. 

The both of them now have to decide if they can make their relationship survive past the holiday season and trust me when I say this clean holiday romance book for adults will keep you hooked. 

9. December Magic by Tracey Mayhew 

December Magic by Tracey Mayhew

As Christmas approaches, Kayla Jones believes it’s going to be another cold and lonely December, but everything changes when she meets a lost little girl and her father. 

When they’re properly situated, Kayla soon learns to find love in unexpected places and rediscovers the magic of the season. 

10. Boots and Mistletoe by Edith Mackenzie 

Boots and Mistletoe by Edith Mackenzie

Quinn’s last Christmas was a bust until she met Jackson, but their timing was off and so they parted ways. 

Now, with her life on the upswing, she finds herself missing her holiday spirit and wondering if it’s tied to the cowboy she can’t forget. 

On the other hand, Jackson didn’t expect to fall for Quinn, but her allure stayed with him and when they reunite, he wonders if she’ll trade city lights for ranch life. 

This clean and wholesome Cowboy Christmas series is perfect for festive binge-reading and you’ll 100% enjoy it if you like clean romance books. 

11. A Movie Star for Christmas by Jess Mastorakos 

A movie star for Christmas

Holly Rhodes arrives in Snow Hill, PA to star in her dream Christmas romance movie and she’s immediately enchanted by the town and its innkeeper, Nick, who she finds herself falling in love with though he’s like a Scrooge. 

Meanwhile, Nick is haunted by his past memories, so he doesn’t want to get involved with a holiday movie star and he instead wants to focus on organising the Gingerbread Ball without getting distracted. 

12. Christmas Wishes by Tammy L. Grace 

Christmas Wishes by Tammy L

Jo O’Malley returns to Idaho for her sister’s Christmas Eve wedding and reunites with her foster sisters and their guardian, Maddie. 

When the wedding is called off, they decide to celebrate the holidays together at a lodge and Jo reconnects with Luke, a childhood acquaintance who is now a charming man. 

As sparks fly between them, Jo grapples with her feelings and the prospect of a long-distance relationship as she isn’t sure if their attraction is merely holiday nostalgia or something deeper.

13. Residence of Her Heart by Susan Lower 

Residence of Her Heart by Susan Lower

Violet Harding refuses to be pushed out of her home, so she does all she can to resist the real estate agent Seth Jones’s efforts to relocate her. 

But as the holidays approach, Seth realises that he is falling more in love with Violet as the day passes and his major challenge is helping her find the true home of her heart. 

This is another easy favorite clean holiday romance book I think everyone needs to give a chance and there’s no way you won’t have fun while reading it. 

14. The Billionaire’s Family Christmas by April Murdock 

The Billionaires Family Christmas

Kacie and Micah reunite and, somehow, they fall into the patterns they had established when they were teenagers and their feelings resurface. 

But the thing is that they’re in totally different stages of life: Kacie is now raising her sister’s children while Micah is burned out after realising his successful career hasn’t filled the void of his childhood in their small town. 

For these two, their holiday together will be the catalyst they’ve been waiting for to jump-start their holiday romance and you’ll have so much fun watching them find their ways to each other. 

15. A Christmas Match by Rose Pearson

A Christmas Match by Rose Pearson

Lady Charity is eager to experience London society, and she soon finds herself intrigued by the challenge of improving the grumpy demeanour of Benedict, the Marquess of Hosmer. 

And even though he’s clear about his disdain for the festive season because his heart was broken in the past, Charity is determined to show him the joy of Christmas. 

As Benedict pushes her away, Charity’s gentle persistence draws them closer and, in time, Charity’s warm thaws his icy exterior. 

16. Christmas In Bayberry by Jennifer Faye

Christmas In Mayberry

Kate Taylor dreams of running her family’s struggling candle business in Bayberry, Vermont, while Wesley Adams is on track for success in Manhattan’s financial world. 

Sent back to his hometown to assess Kate’s company, Wesley is surprised to meet his childhood crush and, just as expected, the sparks fly between them. 

But when his professional duty conflicts with his personal feelings, this threatens both Kate’s dreams and their budding romance. 

17. One Charmed Christmas by Sheila Roberts

One Charmed Christmas by Sheila Roberts

Catherine Pine hopes for a merrier Christmas after her first one without her husband and when her friend invites her on a Christmas cruise, Catherine’s spirits lift. 

Meeting charming Dr. Rudy Nichols seems like a gift from Santa, but his guard-dog daughter complicates matters, but she slowly wins the younger girl over.

18. Thawing the Viscount’s Heart by Mindy Burbidge Strunk

Thawing The Viscounts Heart by Mindy Burbidge

After her father’s death, Gabriella Babineaux decides to seek refuge in England under a family friend’s care. 

Hoping to integrate into English society, she faces rejection from a gentleman at the Frost Fair for being French, fearing she’ll never find love. 

Aaron Campbell, burdened by a title he never wanted, meets Gabriella at the fair and this stirs many painful memories, which is only made worse when they reunite at his estate for Christmastide. 

This is one of the best wholesome and clean Christmas books with no spice that everyone (and I mean, everyone) needs to read.

19. Nantucket White Christmas by Pamela Kelley

Nantucket White Christmas by Pamela Kelley

Angela Stark, born on Christmas, hates the holiday due to a string of unfortunate events and when she’s fired and evicted in December, she’s left with few options. 

Her only family is Sam, an outspoken orange cat, and her best friend Jane, who is allergic to cats. Angela’s plans change when she receives a certified letter, leading her and Sam to Nantucket. 

Initially meant as a temporary visit, Angela finds herself drawn to the Hodges family and friends and this prompts her to reconsider where she truly belongs.

20. Seabreeze Christmas by Jan Moran

Seabreeeze Christmas

Sisters Ivy and Shelly Bay open the historic Seabreeze Inn to the village of Summer Beach and they host festive events and spread holiday cheer. 

This delightful beach village setting is perfect because it features some of the most complex characters you’ve ever seen that you’re going to totally love. 

And, that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 20 of my personal favorite clean holiday romance books that I feel everyone needs to give a chance because they all have the most heartwarming romance. 

If you’d like to get some even more heartfelt books to check out, the related posts have loads of amazing options you absolutely do not want to miss.


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