Review: My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey writes books that flow smoothly from beginning till the end—which makes for an amazing reading experience.

In all her books, she manages to strike a balance between the smut sequence, character mutation and the plot development, and, as expected, she delivered on this one yet again.

My Killer Vacation starts off with a dead body—literally. Taylor, on vacation with her younger brother (Jude), discovers a dead body in one of the rooms in their rental.

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The male protagonist, Myles, is a bounty hunter and is hired by the boyfriend of the deceased’s sister—who is also a friend—and what follows is fast-paced investigation to find the real killer.

Taylor is determined to assist with the investigation and Myles, battling an insane case of insta-lust and sudden possessiveness, wants her as far away from the murder scene as possible. They dance around their mutual attraction, but the flames are there and they know it.

The characters in this book are layered and with decidedly distinct narrative voices. If you like possessive alpha-heroes, I think you’ll like Myles because he has enough grunts, growls, scowls, and roars to spare.

Taylor was also an amazing babe with her refusal to be daunted by any of the obstacles—Myles’ chest for example whenever he tried to prevent her from doing what she wanted to do—and how she took charge of her life.

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I haven’t read any suspense/mystery/thrillers by this the author, so my guess is that this is a first (???).

In that case, this was nicely-done. Not predictable per se, but there were enough hints along the way that I had a fair guess of who the killer was. I also liked that the plots were balanced nicely and it never felt like one over-powered the other.

I loved My Killer Vacation and I’m excited for other readers to meet Myles and Taylor. There’s also a host of other accompanying side-characters and my senses tell me that one or two of them might get their own stories.

Also, the female protagonist’s full name is Taylor Bassey, and while the author doesn’t mention it anywhere in the book, my guess is that she is of Nigerian descent (biggggggg bonus!)

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