12 Steamy Historical Romance Novels That’ll Make You Warm All Over

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There’s nothing quite like a sizzling historical romance read to make your senses tingle, and the books on this list more than deliver on this trope requirement.

I’m talking, hot-as-fire, scalding sheets, and breathtaking chemistry – sound familiar? You betcha.

I don’t think the day would come when I wouldn’t absolutely keel over from a good, steamy historical romance novel, and the next best thing after this is sharing my passion with readers. 

So, get ready to meet the hottest pirates, debutantes, rakes, and, of course, the meddlesome ton.

These reads will make you wish the night would last forever – and this isn’t a metaphor for ANYTHING AT ALL. 

Here are 12 steamy historical romance novels to read ASAP:

1. The Duke Redemption by Grace Callaway

The Duke redemption

As far as I’m concerned, Grace Callaway is the undisputed queen of smut, and you best believe she absolutely served in this rendition of Beauty and the Beast. 

In this retelling, Lady Beatrice, dubbed Lady Beastly, seeks solace in the countryside, while Wickham, a reformed rake turned industrialist, aims to conquer her land. 

But a steamy masquerade encounter changes everything, and as negotiations ignite and passion blooms, they face a mysterious enemy. To survive, they must unravel secrets and trust their hearts. 

I was already sold from the fact that I know this author’s work, but what sealed the deal to mark this book as one of my favorites was this timeless tale of scorching romance and thrilling twists. 

2. A Season For Treason by Golden Angel

A season for treason

Miss Mary Wilson is on a thrilling mission to uncover treason while navigating a scandalous Season, and as she infiltrates the debaucherous society of the Marquess of Hartford, sparks fly between them. 

With love in the air and Aunt Elizabeth’s meddling at an all-time high, the stakes in Mary’s mission become even higher and she’ll have to navigate a collusion between sin, love, and espionage. 

A Season For Treason is another absolutely amazing steamy historical romance novel that features a strong-willed female protagonist and a swoon-worthy alpha-male lead who’s more than ready to stay out of the spotlight. Reader, you’re going to love this. 

3. Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

Dearest rogue

Lady Phoebe Batten is a vivacious beauty with limited vision who is assigned the irksome Captain James Trevillion as her armed protector.

When she becomes the target of kidnappers, James must risk everything to save her. 

As they face danger together, Phoebe sees the tender man beneath his tough exterior, and a love she never imagined blossoms. 

If you love bodyguard historical romance novels, then you know the drill: read this else you’re going to feel uncomfortably hot throughout the day (and not in a good way). 

This is another steamy historical romance book that had me in my feelings from the first chapter. 

4. Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries

Project duchess

Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, Duke of Greycourt, is guarded and focused on his dukedom until he meets Beatrice, and despite her resistance, their hearts entwine as Grey helps her prepare for her debut. 

As secrets unravel, Beatrice faces a choice: family loyalty or the captivating man who captures her heart. 

Project Duchess is a brilliant steamy historical with intense emotional depth and sensuality that absolutely made me fall in love with the characters. 

5. The Highwayman by Kerrigan Bryne

The Highwayman Kerrigan Bryne

Dorian Blackwell is the ruthless and wild Blackheart of Ben More, and when he takes the innocent widow Farah to his Highland sanctuary, sparks fly. 

To protect her from danger, Dorian proposes a scandalous marriage for revenge, but Farah has her own terms and kindles a desire in him. 

This steamy fake-relationship historical romance novel will give you everything from passionate encounters to a sizzling romance that will make your heart race and your cheeks blush. 

I mean, if you’re looking for a wicked combination of passion and drama, this book is just the one for you!

6. The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

The Duke of Ashbury needs an heir, so when Emma Gladstone, a spirited seamstress, appears in a wedding gown, he decides she’ll do. 

Their arrangement: husband and wife by night, no lights, no kissing, no questions about his scars. 

But Emma has her own rules: dinner with conversation and teasing. As Emma discovers the man beneath the scars, love becomes inevitable. 

This heartwarming novel is filled with witty banter and the sweetest thing is that it has steam for dayssssss – you don’t want to miss it. 

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7. The Beast Of Beswick by Amalie Howard

The Beast Of Beswick by Amalie Howard

Lord Nathaniel Harte, the grumpy Duke of Beswick, is known for smashing porcelain and scaring off intruders, and soon he gets entangled with Lady Astrid Everleigh, a spirited beauty on a mission to protect her sister. 

She dares to offer herself as his bride, defying all expectations, and these two clash and find unexpected love. 

This is another amazingly beautiful steamy historical romance novel that’s just full of passion and tender moments.

8. The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham

The Duke I Tempted

The Duke of Westmead, a legendary investor, needs a wife to secure his holdings, and while Poppy Cavendish, a self-taught botanist, is not interested in marriage, she agrees to marry the duke when a scandal threatens her nursery. 

As their business arrangement unfolds, Poppy yearns to unravel Westmead’s secrets and tempt him to risk his heart. 

If you like characters who are as flawed as they are captivating and you fancy a steamy historical romance novel about forging one’s path to their HEA, I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy this book. 

9. A Midnight Dance by Lila DiPasqua

A Midnight Dance by Lila DiPasqua

Sabine Laurent is out for blood. The Moutiers destroyed her family and she wants them to suffer, so she seduces Jules de Moutier, the man she once loved, to take his money, but ignoring her feelings is almost more than she can handle. 

A Midnight Dancy is a spicy and witty historical romance retelling of Cinderella that I feel anyone would enjoy if they like their retellings sweet, spicy, and with a dash of forbidden love. 

10. The Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton by Stacey Reid

The Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton

Lily Layton has a secret diary of dirty fantasies, like the one about Oliver Carlyle, her boss’s son. But what if he reads it? 

Oliver Carlyle wants a wife who can satisfy his wild cravings. He thinks he’s met her in a masked woman. But what if she’s the diary writer? 

Does this sound like the perfect setup? If your answer is yes, then you’re absolutely correct.

This steamy historical novel is at turns witty and spicy, and if you live for the intricate moments where every dance, touch, and whispered word carries a thousand emotions, you won’t regret giving this novel a try. 

11. Her Husband’s Harlot by Grace Callaway 

Her husbands harlot by Grace Callaway

As I said earlier, Grace Callaway really is the master of spicy regency romance, and I know you’ll enjoy this work that delivers on everything from tortured male lead to an amazing female lead. 

Lady Helena is a prim and proper wife who discovers that her husband has a hidden past and a taste for adventure, so she decides to join him in his escapades, disguised as a harlot, and finds herself drawn to his wild side. 

But their passion comes at a price, as they face a deadly enemy from his past. 

12. The Accidental Mistress by Merry Farmer

The Accidental Mistress by Merry Farmer

Verity Barnes ruined her reputation at Almack’s and got kicked out of the elite circle, so she decides to become a mistress to a wealthy man instead. 

Thomas Manfred, a marquess on the verge of bankruptcy, has to marry Lady Charlotte Grey, the ton’s darling, but he’s drawn to Verity’s charm and innocence. 

When she demands he take her as his lover, he agrees. But Lady Charlotte is furious and vows to destroy Verity even more. 

And, that’s a wrap! 

There’s nothing quite like a steamy historical romance novel to put you in the feels, and if you like rakish rogues, spirited damsels, and a battle of wits that could set the sheets ablaze, you’re going to want to check out the books in this post. 

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And tell me: Is there a historical romance novel you’d like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.


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