20 Exquisite Amish Romance Novels to Get Lost In This Weekend

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Love Amish romance stories? Yes, me too! 

And the ones I’ve listed in this post are easily some of the best, so if you’ve been looking for Amish romance stories that’ll keep you 100% hooked, make sure you give them a chance. 

1. A Picture of Love by Beth Wiseman

A picture of love

Naomi, heartbroken after her fiancé’s betrayal, finds comfort in cooking at The Peony Inn. 

Amish sisters Esther and Lizzie care for her, and a connection with Amos, who is mourning his late fiancée, leads to a deep bond. 

2. Happily Ever Amish by Shelley Shepard Gray

Happily Ever amish

In Apple Creek, shy Addie receives anonymous love notes and this leads to a tender connection with Daniel. 

And their surprising romance is supported by their close-knit community which only proves that unlikely couples can find happiness with courage, faith, and loved ones’ support.

3. A Promise of Forgiveness by Jo Ann Brown

A promise of Forgiveness

Amish widow Naomi wants a fresh start with her twin toddlers in Bliss Valley. 

And though she finds solace and potential love in Samuel King, convincing Naomi to trust in their budding romance becomes Samuel’s challenge.

4. Love in Unlikely Places by Linda Byler

Love in Unlikely places

Emma’s job in North Carolina leads to a surprising romance with Ben, an Amish contractor. 

When reunited, Emma questions her faith and feelings and wonders why God seems to lead her to heartbreak repeatedly.

5. The Orchard by Beverly Lewis

The orchard

Ellie’s Amish family is torn when her twin brother Evan refuses conscientious objector status for the Vietnam War. 

Ellie then forms a close bond with Sol Bontrager, a conscientious objector, while her romantic involvement with Menno adds complexity to her shifting world.

6. Marry Me, Millie by Amy Lillard

Marry me millie

After her husband’s passing, Millie Bauman expects her focus to be motherhood and her B&B. 

But when newcomer Henry King arrives, sparks fly, and their genuine affection blossoms, but with a baby on the way, they must rely on faith and fate.

7. Breaking New Ground by Amy Clipston

Breaking New Ground

Korey Bontrager returns to Pennsylvania and connects with Savannah. 

They decide to pretend to date, but as their bond deepens, Korey wonders if Savannah could truly be a part of his future.

This is another lovely Amish romance novel about a fake relationship that I found so endearing and heartwarming and all the right things, so I know you’ll love them. 

8. Courage In The Storm by Laurel Blount

Courage in the storm

Miriam Hochstedler, traumatized by her parents’ murder, forms a romantic connection with Reuben Brenneman. 

As they heal an injured horse and confront their fears, their friendship turns into romance. 

Staying together requires immense courage as Reuben’s plans to return to the Englisch world clash with Miriam’s Amish faith.

9. Beacon of Light by Linda Byler

A beacon of light

May seeks refuge in her childhood Amish community after losing Clinton. 

Solace and support come from Clara as May grapples with her painful past, embarking on a journey to heal and possibly reunite with her brother Oba, addressing themes of abuse and racism.

10. Second Chances on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand

Second Chances on Huckleberry Hill

Martha Sue Helmuth longs for a second chance with widower Yost Beiler. 

But conflict arises as Martha Sue’s family’s matchmaking interferes and this challenges their ability to build a harmonious family.

This is yet another solid romantic Amish book that had characters I was 100% cheering on from the beginning and I don’t doubt you’ll love it. 

11. Amish Promises by Leslie Gould

Amish promises

Joel and Shani hope for a peaceful life in Lancaster, PA, but trouble starts when their son accidentally hurts a neighbour boy. 

Amid tensions, Shani befriends Eve Lehman and while this brings solace, it stirs up unexpected issues when Joel’s single friend, Charlie, catches Eve’s eye.

12. A Sister’s Test by Wanda E. Brunsetter

A Sisters Test

The Hostettler family’s property is attacked and this tests Ruth’s strength and faith as she prepares to marry Martin Gingerich. 

Meanwhile, Esta Wengerd wants to heal, but Abe Wengerd may resist her efforts to help.

13. Upon A Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin

Upon A Spring breeze

Bess Weaver tragically loses her husband Caleb and finds solace in tending a garden at an Englisch-owned bed and breakfast. 

Aidan, Caleb’s best friend, battles guilt and hidden feelings for Bess, and so with the support of widows in her Amish community, Bess begins to rediscover hope.

14. The Amish Twins Next Door by Vannetta Chapman

The Amish Twins Next Door

Amish single mom Deborah Mast focuses on raising her twin sons. 

Neighbor Nicholas Stoltzfus offers help that extends beyond childcare, and as their children play matchmaker, Deborah learns to open her heart to unexpected feelings.

15. The Amish Animal Doctor by Patrice Lewis

The amish animal doctor

Veterinarian Abigail Mast faces a tough choice between her career and caring for her ailing mother in her Amish community. 

Neighbour Benjamin Troyer adds to her dilemma, making it even harder, and now Abigail must decide where her heart truly lies.

16. The Shunning by Beverly Lewis

The Shunning

Katie Lapp’s curiosity about a satin infant gown in her Amish parents’ attic leads to shocking revelations that force her into unfamiliar territory within her Amish community as she prepares to marry Bishop John.

17. Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo

Sworn to silence

Chief of Police Kate Burkholder, straddling her Amish upbringing and law enforcement experience, confronts her past in Painters Mill, Ohio, to stop a killer and uncover a dangerous secret.

This Amish romance book blends romance and a suspenseful thriller and I have a good feeling you’re going to have a lot of fun while reading it. 

18. When The Soul Mends by Cindy Woodsmall

When the soul Mends

Hannah, who left her Amish community in shame, reluctantly returns. 

But old wounds resurface as she helps her sister and confronts past truths that force her to decide between staying in the Englischer world with newfound love or returning to her Plain Life and first love.

19. The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

The amish midwife

Nurse-midwife Lexie Jaeger leaves Oregon to help Amish midwife Marta Bayer in Pennsylvania and transforms from a control-seeker to someone who trusts in God.

20. Beside Still Waters by Tricia Goyer

Beside Still Waters

Marianna Sommer plans to get baptized and marry Aaron Zook, but a move to Montana brings new influences and a deeper faith. 

This Amish romance shows a journey that’s all about finding her true relationship with God which ultimately brings inner peace.

Will you read any of these fantastic Amish romance novels? Let me know in the comments and feel free to drop any other recommendations you think people would enjoy. 

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