12 Dreamy Workplace Romance Books You’ll Absolutely Love

Just to get it out of the way, there is a very, very, very wide line between workplace harassment and a full-on romance, and in this article, we’re talking about the latter.

I’ve made the effort to compile this list of my personal favorite workplace romance books where our leads are colleagues and they get to experience all the fluttery feelings that come with a new love while sharing the same office. 

Our leads will most definitely work at the same place, but they could be boss and employee or, perhaps, rival colleagues who are always trying to one-up each other. 

And I also want to quickly point out that while I know this trope is rather problematic because of the power imbalance (often in boss and employee romances), these books on this list are decidedly less cringey than the rest. 

Something else I want to mention is that I’m being very liberal by titling these books workplace romances, because a good number of them are simply colleagues or working partners falling in love. 

So, if a super romantic office romance book sounds up your alley, then you’re definitely going to enjoy the books on this list.  

1. One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

One to Watch

Plus size representation? Check. A lovely, bold, and absolutely amiable female lead? Check. A drool-worthy romance? Double check. 

Bea Schumacher, a fashionable plus-size blogger with a broken heart, loves the reality show Main Squeeze but hates its lack of body diversity. 

When the show offers her the starring role, she accepts the offer with plans to challenge beauty standards and boost her career, with no intention of falling in love. 

But, as filming begins, she gets front-row seats to the whirlwind of glamor, online debates, and unexpected romantic opportunities that force her to figure out an opportunity to find real-life love. 

2. Not That Kind of Guy by Andie J. Christopher

Not that kind of guy

Successful state attorney Bridget Nolan is focused on her career, not romance, until she needs a date for her brother’s wedding. 

Luckily, her intern, Matt Kido, is smitten with her, and despite the professional barrier, they end up in Las Vegas, where their impulsive decision leads to unexpected consequences.

This steamy office romance book made me blush a good number of things and don’t be fooled by the fact that Matt is an intern – He knows how to take charge where it matters.

3. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

The Hating Game

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, executive assistants at a publishing company, despise each other with a passion. 

Their constant passive-aggressive antics escalate when they both vie for the same promotion, but when they’re forced into close quarters time and time again, they start to question if their feelings might be more complicated than they thought.

The Hating Game is arguably one of the most popular enemies-to-lovers workplace romance books and that’s because of its movie adaptation starring Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell. 

4. Legal Affairs by Sawyer Bennett

Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs is yet another uber-steamy office romance book that everyone who loves this trope totally needs to give a chance. 

Mckayla, a recent law school graduate, has had a whirlwind year: a breakup, joining a secret sex club, and a one-night stand. 

Now, her fling has become her boss, Matt Connover, who is only interested in sex. While working at Connover & Crown, LLP, McKayla finds herself caught between desire and fear of heartbreak. 

5. Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen


Nate is a wealthy hockey team owner who finds himself drawn to Rebecca, his witty and efficient office manager, despite their differences. 

After a wild night together, Rebecca tries to avoid him because she feels they’re too incompatible, but their fiery and intense attraction keeps pulling them back to each other.

Their new relationship is uncharted waters for both of them and I especially appreciated that they were willing to give it a chance. 

6. Huge Deal by Lauren Layne

Huge Deal

Kennedy Dawson might be a successful Wall Street figure, but he still struggles to resist his assistant, Kate, even though they have agreed to keep things professional. 

Kate, who is equally attracted to Kennedy, tries to move on by dating his brother, Jack, but this proves to be utterly useless because she’s still fixated on Kennedy. 

As Kennedy reconsiders his feelings, he realizes he must prove himself to Kate and win her heart in the ultimate deal of a lifetime.

7. Dear Grumpy Boss by Julia Wolf

Dear Grumpy Boss

Elise has been avoiding her brother’s best friend, Weston, for years, but when Weston becomes her new boss, avoiding him becomes impossible. 

Soon enough, they find themselves drawn to each other and their undeniable chemistry makes them share many stolen, fiery moments.

Dear Grumpy Boss is another super lovely boss and employee steamy office romance book that will knock you out of any slump at the speed of light and the chemistry between these opposites was everything.

I read this for the first time when I was having the worst slump ever last year and I can tell you for a fact that it’s super interesting and you’ll be rooting for them from the very first page. 

8. Her Gentle Capture by Elizabeth Lennox

Her Gentle Capture

Adriana hates Mitch as a boss but she can’t deny her attraction to him and she can’t stop thinking about how he would behave outside the office.

And, Mitch is just as drawn to Adriana and he eventually breaks down her resistance and does his best to show her the depth of their connection. 

But, when he refuses to share her with anyone else, Adriana is at a loss since it’s all very overwhelming for her and she picks tail.

9. Don’t Start Now by Tara September 

Dont Start Now

Adam Seager, a former war journalist turned small-town newspaperman, is smitten with his coworker Eve.

And even though she is very much reluctant to date colleagues, Adam sees their upcoming travel assignment as the perfect opportunity to convince her of their connection. 

Meanwhile, Eve is determined to focus on her writing dreams and keep things strictly professional with Adam, but when they have to pretend to be a couple for their assignment, she realizes that they might have a deeper connection. 

10. Hate Notes by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Hate Notes

If you know me in person or follow me on Goodreads, then you probably know I haven’t shut up about this book since I read it a couple of years ago and my yearly re-reads are always a chaotic period for my moots. 

This author duo has collaborated on a lot of books in the past, but this contemporary office romance about a repressed boss who gets with his fierce and determined employee stole my heart. 

The story begins with Charlotte discovering a mysterious blue note sewn into a wedding dress while at a vintage clothing store where she goes to sell her own unused wedding gown.

The note, signed by Reed Eastwood, makes her curious about the man and after several fortuitous events – involving a funny initial interview, crying in a bathroom and being consoled by a kind older woman, and lots more – she ends up as his employee. 

I will do my best to keep this short, but you need, need, need to read this book if you haven’t and I promise the chemistry between Reed and Charlotte is going to leave you breathless. 

11. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood 

The love Hypothesis

After being dumped, Olive Smith, a Ph.D. candidate whose friends are super worried about her, cooks up a lie that she’s in a relationship and the (un)lucky subject of her (fake) feelings is Adam Carlsen.

Adam is a professor who’s known for his arrogance and standoffish character, but he surprisingly agrees to play along and while they fake date, they slowly come to rely on each other

One thing I’ll tell you is that while this book isn’t a favorite – the STEMINIST Series is definitely this author’s best work, in my opinion – I was pleasantly surprised that The Love Hypothesis delivered everything from romance to self-development. 

The latter was especially unexpected because I had been under the impression that this one was purely fluff, so it was nice to be surprised in that positive way. 

12. The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

The Fine Print

Rowan is a businessman who wants to renovate Dreamland, but his attraction to Zahra complicates things when he hires her. 

A misguided kiss and a fake alias lead to misunderstandings that convince Rowan he has blown it, but he’s determined to throw himself into the line of fire time and time again for her. 

On the other hand, Zahra wasn’t enthused by Rowan’s attention in the beginning, but when she realized he was the real deal, she decided to stand by his side. 

Do you think you’ll read any of these office romance books? Which ones sound even remotely interesting? Let me know in the comment section and of course, I appreciate any recommendations.

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